Alternatives To Nerve Rpc
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2 years ago27September 14, 2020188apache-2.0PHP
🚀 PHP Microservice Full Coroutine Framework
Grpcui4,672266 months ago25October 24, 202355mitGo
An interactive web UI for gRPC, along the lines of postman
Cellnet3,87872 years ago3March 11, 20218mitGo
High performance, simple, extensible golang open source network library
Tarsgo3,271296 months ago48June 28, 202311bsd-3-clauseGo
A high performance microservice framework in golang. A linux foundation project.
Tarpc2,9036356 months ago46April 03, 202347mitRust
An RPC framework for Rust with a focus on ease of use.
Fbthrift2,512206 months ago94April 04, 202245apache-2.0C++
Facebook's branch of Apache Thrift, including a new C++ server.
2 years ago8June 21, 202120apache-2.0Go
Scalable Distributed Game Server Engine with Hot Swapping in Golang
X1,692221136 months ago436December 09, 20237mitC#
Core basic components: log (file / network), configuration (XML / JSON / HTTP), cache (memory / redis), network (TCP / UDP / HTTP), RPC framework, serialization (binary / XML / JSON), APM performance tracking. 核心基础组件,日志(文件/网络)、配置(XML/Json/Http)、缓存(内存/Redis)、网络(Tcp/Udp/Http)、RPC框架、序列化(Binary/XML/Json)、APM性能追踪。
6 months ago8mitGo
2 years ago1December 07, 202398otherC++
rpclib is a modern C++ msgpack-RPC server and client library
Alternatives To Nerve Rpc
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