Scala lightweight, type-safe, asynchronous driver for neo4j
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Migrate11,589594a day ago129March 17, 2022273otherGo
Database migrations. CLI and Golang library.
Node Neo4j934459515 years ago34June 11, 201546apache-2.0CoffeeScript
[RETIRED] Neo4j graph database driver (REST API client) for Node.js
Neomodel8146247 days ago43December 14, 202198mitPython
An Object Graph Mapper (OGM) for the Neo4j graph database.
Neo4j Javascript Driver808492212a day ago113June 13, 202244apache-2.0JavaScript
Neo4j Bolt driver for JavaScript
Neo4j Python Driver79838828 days ago55July 07, 20226otherPython
Neo4j Bolt driver for Python
Neo4j Go Driver4226014 days ago91October 12, 20225apache-2.0Go
Neo4j Bolt Driver for Go
Movies Python Bolt329
11 days agoPython
Neo4j Movies Example application with Flask backend using the neo4j-python-driver
Neo4j Ogm311322374 days ago103October 26, 2022apache-2.0Java
Java Object-Graph Mapping Library for Neo4j
Neo4j Java Driver3004078012 days ago137November 25, 202217apache-2.0Java
Neo4j Bolt driver for Java
Bolt_sips2381528 months ago44April 02, 20212apache-2.0Elixir
Neo4j driver for Elixir
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neotype - a type specimen that is selected subsequent to the description of a species to replace a preexisting type that has been lost or destroyed.

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Scala lightweight, type-safe, asynchronous driver (not opinionated on effect systems) for Neo4j

  • Scala - the driver provides you with support for all standard Scala types without the need to convert Scala <-> Java types back and forth and you can easily add support for your own types.
  • Lightweight - the core module of the driver only depends the Neo4j Java driver, and the generic module only depends on Shapeless.
  • Type-safe - the driver leverages typeclasses to derive all needed conversions at the compile time.
  • Asynchronous - the driver sits on top of asynchronous Java driver.
  • Not opinionated on side-effect implementation - you can use it with any effect system of your preference (Future, typelevel, ZIO, Monix) by implementing a simple typeclass.


⚠️ The library is under heavy development. Production use is at your own risk and is not recommended. ⚠️

Supports Scala 2.12 and 2.13
"io.github.neotypes" %% "neotypes-core" % version Core functionality. Supports scala.concurrent.Future.
"io.github.neotypes" %% "neotypes-generic" % version Automatic derivation of mappers for case classes.
"io.github.neotypes" %% "neotypes-cats-effect" % version Async support for cats.effect.Async[F]
"io.github.neotypes" %% "neotypes-monix" % version Async support for monix.eval.Task
"io.github.neotypes" %% "neotypes-zio" % version Async support for zio.Task
"io.github.neotypes" %% "neotypes-akka-stream" % version Stream support for
"io.github.neotypes" %% "neotypes-fs2-stream" % version Stream support for fs2.Stream
"io.github.neotypes" %% "neotypes-monix-stream" % version Stream support for monix.reactive.Observable
"io.github.neotypes" %% "neotypes-zio-stream" % version Stream support for zio.ZStream
"io.github.neotypes" %% "neotypes-refined" % version Support for insert and retrieve refined values.
"io.github.neotypes" %% "neotypes-cats-data" % version Support for insert and retrieve values.
"io.github.neotypes" %% "neotypes-enumeratum" % version Support for insert and retrieve Enumeratum enums.


Code of Conduct

We are committed to providing a friendly, safe and welcoming environment for all, regardless of level of experience, gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, personal appearance, body size, race, ethnicity, age, religion, nationality, or other such characteristics.

Everyone is expected to follow the Scala Code of Conduct when discussing the project on the available communication channels.

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