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The goal of react-pyscripts is to provide foundational support for building react components.

It is especially useful for building a component library.

You need python3 installed on your computer

scoped development

The philosophy behind this is that components should allow for easy development in a stateless manner & then later assembled in a container for their final use in an application, however the former is where the majority of our focus usually lies and so should be performed independently of the application, state and any other concerns that are domain specific.


The devapp concept is centered around the creation of an ephemeral app. Each invocation of the devapp creates a new instance of it and does not need to be persisted in source control.

In the devapp directory we have the scripts that create the development application wherein the components can be developed in isolation from the rest of the app. See the example script for usage details.

We use symlinks back to the base app (the app which you are developing) that allows for the files to be modified.

The devapp listens on port 3006 by default but this is configurable. It will contain a corresponding view for each component in the targeted component directories of the base app. So you can use the url to toggle between components in the browser. For example if your app contains a component/Loading and container/Notification component, you will be able to view each separately by visiting http://localhost:3006/component/Loading and http://localhost:3006/container/Notification respectively.


The main driver behind the development app is a custom webpack plugin and configuration setup that allows for an output of targeted individual microapps corresponding to each component.

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