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r-localize is a localization plugin for Riot.js based off of Vue.js v-localize project.


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5.0+ ✔ 4.0+ ✔ 11.50+ ✔ 5.0+ ✔

This project was developed using Riot.js 3, support for previous versions is not available.


To install via NPM, simply do the following:

npm install r-localize

For a quick start using jsdelivr:

<script src=""></script>

Using the plugin is then as simple as:

import riot from 'riot'
import Localize from 'r-localize'

const options = {
  debug: true,
  default: 'en-US',
  fallback: '-',  
  available: ['en-US', 'es-SP']

const localizations = {
  'en-US': {
    'header': 'international',
    'menu': {
      'help': 'Help'
  'es-SP': {
    'header': 'internacional',
    'menu': {
      'help': 'Ayuda'

localize = new Localize(riot, options, localizations)

Once your Riot app has been mounted, the language can be changed by calling localize.locale(args*) from your component.

  <select change={ locale }>
    <option value="en-US">English</option>
    <option value="es-SP">Spanish</option>
    locale(e) {

You can specify your localizations like so:

<!-- add a localized title to this element targeting en-US -->
<h1 data-is="localize" t={{ i: 'header', attr: 'title' }} />
<!-- replace this element's text with localized item -->
<h1 data-is="localize" t="">

Alternatively, you can fetch your current localization by calling locale without any arguments.

<h1>Current Locale: { localize.locale() }</h1>

For fetching a specific locale item programatically within a component method:

<h1>Translated Item: { localize.translate('header', 'es-SP') }</h1>


The plugin takes 5 options,

*available: List of available localizations.

['en-US', 'es-SP', 'pr-BR', {
  locale: 'ar-MS',
  orientation: 'rtl'

*debug: Spit info, warnings and errors to console.

*default: Default locale key to target.

fallbackContent: Use the existing node's text content if enabled and requested localization is not found.

*fallback: Default text to show if localization for current language not found.

webStore: If the mixin is accessed within a web context and option webStore is enabled, mixin will store the locale in local storage for the next visit.

Locale Options

Locale configuration currently supports the following options,

orientation: Text direction of target element, useful for orientation of script languages.

fontFamily: Font family to change to. Re:


Contributing guidelines can be found here.

Copyright (c) 2018 John Nolette Licensed under the MIT license.

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