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nessusview nessusview

Nessus View

Parse .nessus files into a readable .html doc
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Table of Contents
  1. About The Project
  2. Getting Started
  3. Roadmap
  4. Contributing
  5. License

About The Project

Nessusview is a pentesters dream when dealing with .nessus files. Simply provide the .nessus file to be parsed, and output name. A nice, professional, readable parsed .html format will be available for you!

Also isn't limited to 2500 hosts like the enterprise interface... (NO SHADE)

Now including:

  • .html output in a professional format
  • hosts tab to view afflictions per host
  • plugins tab to view afflicted hosts per vulnerability

Getting Started


Clone the repo

 git clone
 cd nessusview

Copy / Ensure .nessus file to be parsed is accesible, preferably located within this applications root directory. It shall be referred to as clientfile

Parse .nessus

    python3 clientfile outputfilename


    python3 client_external.nessus /work/path/client/client_external_report

NOTE: .html is added automatically so no need to add above.


  • Exception Handling
  • Input validation, formatting, and cleanup
  • Facelift (I'm clearly a noob, help!)
  • Written to database for persistence. (Please help!!!!!)

See the open issues for a list of proposed features (and known issues).


Contributions are what make the open source community such an amazing place to be learn, inspire, and create. Any contributions you make are greatly appreciated.

  1. Fork the Project
  2. Create your Feature Branch (git checkout -b feature/AmazingFeature)
  3. Commit your Changes (git commit -m 'Add some AmazingFeature')
  4. Push to the Branch (git push origin feature/AmazingFeature)
  5. Open a Pull Request


Distributed under the GNULicense. See LICENSE for more information.

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