Sanity Plugin Vercel Deploy

Custom plugin to trigger webhooks from your Sanity Studio.
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Alternatives To Sanity Plugin Vercel Deploy
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Vercel Deployment for Sanity

Trigger Vercel Deploy Hooks from your Sanity V3 Studio.
LIVE status updates multiple deployments active polling Vercel Teams support



yarn add sanity-plugin-vercel-deploy
# or npm
npm i sanity-plugin-vercel-deploy

This is a Sanity Studio V3 plugin. For the V2 version, please refer to the studio-v2 branch.


// `sanity.config.ts` / `sanity.config.js`:
import { defineConfig } from 'sanity'
import { vercelDeployTool } from 'sanity-plugin-vercel-deploy'

export default defineConfig({
  // ...
  plugins: [
    // ...

Your first Vercel Deployment

Once installed, you should see a new "Deploy" tool in your Sanity Studio navbar.

To create a new deployment, click the "Add Project" button. Next, you'll be prompted to add the following:


A name for your deployment to help you organize your deployments.
Typically, this should be the environment you are deploying to, like Production or Staging

Vercel Project Name

This is the slugified project name listed in your Vercel account.
You can find this in your Vercel Project under Settings General "Project Name"

Vercel Team Name (optional)

If your project is part of a Vercel Team you must provide this value.
You can find this in your Vercel Team, under Settings General "Team Name"

Deploy Hook URL

This is the Vercel Deploy hook you want to trigger builds with.
You can find this in your Vercel Project under Settings Git "Deploy Hooks"

Vercel Token

This is a token from your Vercel Account (not project).
You can find this from your Vercel Account dropdown under Settings "Tokens"

Develop & test

This plugin uses @sanity/plugin-kit with default configuration for build & watch scripts.

See Testing a plugin in Sanity Studio on how to run this plugin with hotreload in the studio.


MIT  ·  Github @ndimatteo  ·  Instagram @ndimatteo

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