Express Brute Nedb

An express-brute store using nedb


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An express-brute store using nedb


npm install express-brute-nedb


const ExpressBrute = require('express-brute'),
      ExpressBruteNedbStore = require('express-brute-nedb');

const store = new ExpressBruteNedbStore({
    filename: './brute.db' // See all available options below
const bruteforce = new ExpressBrute(store);'/auth',
    bruteforce.prevent, // error 429 if we hit this route too often
    (req, res, next) => {


Available parameters:

  • filename Path to the database file. If left empty, in-memory database is used. Defaults to nothing (which is NOT recommended).
  • prefix A prefix to the keys used in express-brute. However, multiple instances of express-brute have their own unique keys so it is not needed to provide a prefix at all.
  • debug Set a debug function, that receives an error when something goes wrong. Defaults to noop.
  • compactInterval Sets an interval to auto-compact the NeDB database file. This is required since the write-only policy of NeDB, used with large write count of Express Brute can produce a very large file. The default interval is 2 minutes (120000 miliseconds).