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F-Bird, a text bootsector game. by Oscar Toledo G. Jun/05/2017

Run it as a COM file or write it to the bootsector of a floppy disk.

Press any key to start, gravity makes you to fall, press any key to fly!

This game is written using pure 8088 instructions, so it should work on an original IBM PC with CGA card. No Hercules support (though it would be a matter of changing the video segment to B000)

Here is a Youtube video of it running over emulation:

If you want to assemble it, you must download the Netwide Assembler (nasm) from

Use this command line:

nasm -f bin fbird.asm -o

Tested with VirtualBox for Mac OS X running Windows XP running this game, it also works with DosBox and probably with qemu:

qemu-system-x86_64 -fda

Note that VirtualBox doesn't emulate the PC speaker, so the "flap" sound doesn't sound at all.

Enjoy it!


Do you would like more details on the inner workings? This program is fully commented in my new book Programming Boot Sector Games and you'll also find a 8086/8088 crash course!

Now available from Lulu:




These are some of the example programs documented profusely in the book:

  • Guess the number.
  • Tic-Tac-Toe game.
  • Text graphics.
  • Mandelbrot set.
  • F-Bird game.
  • Invaders game.
  • Pillman game.
  • Toledo Atomchess.
  • bootBASIC language.
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