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Penance aims to be a POSIX-compliant, OS-neutral script for installing and configuring the wonderful Exercism CLI tool. Why? Because I dislike having to find the latest release of Exercism and configuring it for autocompletion every time I want to tinker with some Exercism exercises.

I off-frequently open VPS's and quickly close them, just to tinker with some things, and often times I add exercism to play with. Well, now I can just git clone && cd penance && bash -e and be up and running within ~10 seconds (much preferable).

I also believe this could be of good use to new developers who are still becoming comfortable with the command line. I often recommend Exercism to developers both experienced and new, and though Penance is quick to get up-and-running for experienced devs, it's a great opportunity for new developers to walk through and understand what exactly is going on.

I take every opportunity to learn something new, and I think this script can be a multi-purpose tool in itself.

NOTE: I'll be updating this README soon to provide documentation and any additional notes.

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