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JavaScript framework for visual programming


Do not use this framework before version 1 is released. It is currently still in development and not all updates will be compatible.


Naetverk is a modular framework for visual programming. Naetverk is forked from the fantastic rete.js framework, that allows you to create node-based editor directly in the browser.

Why a different branch? - I have some ideas that I follow which are in conflict with the original implementation. We decided to move the individual plugins in to one mono repository to have a tighter connection between them. They also follow the same version number on release. So it should be easier to manage your dependencies.


Name Version Description Extends Readme / Docs
@naetverkjs/naetverk npm Base library that allows the creation of node-based editors for visually programming or sequential scripting - Readme
@naetverkjs/connections npm Plugin to render the connections between nodes @naetverkjs/naetverk Readme
@naetverkjs/area npm Plugin to draw the network on a configurable background with limited zoom and grid snapping @naetverkjs/naetverk Readme
@naetverkjs/lifecycle npm Registers additional events that can be used while working with a component @naetverkjs/naetverk Readme
@naetverkjs/keyboard npm Registers keyboard input and maps them to events @naetverkjs/naetverk Readme
@naetverkjs/arrange npm Rearranges the node based on their size on the board @naetverkjs/naetverk Readme
@naetverkjs/history npm Plugin that adds the ability to revert actions @naetverkjs/naetverk Readme
@naetverkjs/selection npm Plugin that adds the ability to multiselect nodes with a selection rectangle @naetverkjs/naetverk Readme
@naetverkjs/comments npm Plugin that allows the creation of comments and groups around nodes @naetverkjs/naetverk Readme

Framework Renderers

Name Description Extends Readme / Docs
@naetverkjs/angular-renderer Angular Module to render basic nodes Readme
@naetverkjs/react-renderer React Module to render basic nodes Readme


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