App showing the latest hearthquake event from USGS site.
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6633 years ago13September 28, 2017118mitObjective-C
Dates and times made easy in iOS
Carbon696621a year ago15April 28, 20222apache-2.0Go
Carbon for Golang, an extension for Time
14 months ago18September 05, 202237otherDart
The Flutter plugin that help you can choose dates and years with rounded calendars and customizable themes.
12 years ago1mitJavaScript
Click-draggable. Range-makeable. A better calendar.
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:hourglass: Ruby library to compute distance of dates in words. Originally built for Jekyll.
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SORelativeDateTransformer is a value transformer that generates a human-readable phrase expressing the relative difference between a given date and the current date.
11 years ago2otherObjective-C
This project demonstrates a category, NSDate+Formatting, that implements the Rails distanceFromTimeInWords method from date_helper.rb in Objective-C, suitable for use in your iOS or Mac Objective-C projects.
Nodep Date Input Polyfill76823 years ago61August 22, 201718mitJavaScript
Automatically adds datepickers to input[type=date] on IE, macOS Safari, and legacy browsers.
2 years ago14Ruby
Advanced datepicking example app with Stimulus + Flatpickr + Turbolinks
Alternatives To Earthquakewatchdog
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Free app for exploring earthquakes that happens everytime around the world, given by earthquake service. Check out it on Google Play!

Main features :

  • list of last earthquakes from 1+ to 6.6+ around the world, till 120 earthquakes contemporarily (selection by date is coming, see below)

  • earthquakes can be recovered for today, 24h, 48h, 1 week, 2 week and more will coming.

  • show distance of each earthquake from you by gps or by manual localization, that is without using gps or any other localization system

  • fly from earthquake in list to its position on map

  • choose map type

  • order list by the nearest/farthest earthquake from you, date or magnitude

  • filter magnitude from 1+ to 6.5+

  • go directly from an earthquake to its details on USGS site

  • feel it? get USGS aware with Feel it? link

Next features in preparation :

  • [ ] Nearest to you earthquakes notifications

  • [ ] Select earthquakes by date interval

  • [ ] More details on each earthquakes

  • [ ] Concise earthquake statistics

  • [ ] Viewing cluster earthquakes on map

Want to contribute? Hell, yeah! Every help would be really appreciated! Check out here for easy how-to : See Thank you! 😄

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