Write to your MP, MEP, & other elected representatives.
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a day ago33June 30, 2022174apache-2.0Rust
Build, bundle & ship your Rust WASM application to the web.
5 years agoHTML
Deep Learning Camp Jeju
2 years ago216April 07, 20214mitTypeScript
All-in-one TypeScript and Sass compiler for web applications! :package: :rocket:
Compass Inuit127
137 years ago20August 07, 2013CSS
:white_flower: Compass extension for inuit.css. More than 40k users served!
Webpack 4 Boilerplate67
2 years ago14JavaScript
Webpack 4 Boilerplate with Babel, SASS or SCSS, browser autoprefix, and optimization using gzip and brotli for Production
Webpack 4 Boilerplate56
2 years ago1mitJavaScript
:rocket: Webpack 4 with ES6+ and SASS,LESS/STYLUS support + dev-server and livereload
Typescript React Redux Starter53
4 months ago10mitTypeScript
Single page application using React. Uses TypeScript as language. Uses Redux for state management. Uses Bootstrap framework for CSS with Sass as preprocessor. webpack as module bundler
16 days ago139otherPHP
Write to your MP, MEP, & other elected representatives.
Shopify Boiler33
6 years ago18Liquid
A boilerplate theme for pro Shopify stores
Shopify Bare31
a month agomitJavaScript
Shopify starter theme that provides Javascript modules(ES6 and node_modules), tree-shaking, Live Reloading/ Hot module reloading, Tailwind Css w\ nesting & imports purges unused CSS, minify your built files, compress your images, and use quick commands to develop easier.
Alternatives To Writetothem
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WriteToThem lets you contact elected representatives in the United Kingdom.

If you want to build your own site for writing to people, we recommend you take a look at WriteIt instead. WriteToThem is a legacy project with many particular quirks, whereas WriteIt was built from the start to be more flexible and easier to use.

Developing WriteToThem

This repository contains a simple development environment based on Docker Compose.

Currently, this environment can be used for making changes to the front-end of the site - HTML, styles, etc. Additional integration for full back-end testing (such as representative lookup, etc) is not currently available.

Assuming you have Docker installed locally, you should be able to start the development environment by running:

docker-compose up

This will start two containers (one for the app and a Postgres database) in the foreground. You can stop the environment by pressing CTRL-C.

If you'd prefer them to run in the background, add the -d flag:

docker-compose up -d

To stop the environment in this case run:

docker-compose down

The first time you run the environment, a local image will be built for the app container and the database will have the schema loaded automatically.

Once the environment is running, it should be accessible at http://localhost:8085.

If you need to rebuild the app container, you can do so by running:

docker-compose build

Changes made to styles, etc, (as described in the next section) should be reflected when a page is reloaded as your local working copy is mapped to the document root of the app container.


WriteToThem uses the Foundation framework, and styles are compiled using Compass.

Most people prefer to manage their Ruby Gems using Bundler. If you don’t already have it, you can install it like so:

gem install bundler

Then you can tell Bundler install the Gems for this project:

bundle install

And finally, change into the Sass directory, and compile the Sass into CSS:

cd web/static
bundle exec compass compile

If you are making frequent changes, you can tell Compass to watch the directory for updates, and recompile the CSS files as necessary:

cd web/static
bundle exec compass watch

If using the codespaces/devcontainer setup, the above will be setup on container creation, and script/watch will watch for changes.


Thanks to Browserstack who let us use their web-based cross-browser testing tools for this project.

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