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Elixir TCP Server based on OTP principles, guided by the following URLS:

I built this TCP server in order to learn elixir & learn how to build..a TCP server in elixir. ;) Therefore, take the code with a grain of salt & if you have some suggestions, please tell me. I'm eager to learn more.

Also: you might not want to run it in production. There are better options like ranch.

What it does

Opening a TCP server on port 5000 (configurable through config/app.config) and replying with the same string as you sent with e.g. telnet localhost 5000.


  1. install elixir (OSX: brew install elixir)
  2. clone repo: git clone [email protected]:mweibel/tcp-server.ex.git
  3. get dependencies: mix get.deps
  4. run: iex --erl "-config config/app.config" -S mix run



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