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Most Viewed is a Craft 2 plugin to get entry view count last X days

It's an extension of the Entry Count plugin developed by PutYourLightsOn

The «Days to accumulate» setting will be used when runnning the cleanup task. This also means the count variable will show number of views last X days.



{% set count = craft.entryCount.count( %}

//To limit view count for only last 10 days:
{% set count = craft.entryCount.count(, 10) %}

Entry count: {{ count }}


{% set countedEntries = craft.entryCount.entries %}

//To get most viewed last 10 days:
{% set count = craft.entryCount.entries(10) %}

{% for entry in countedEntries %}
	{% set count = craft.entryCount.count( %}
	{{ entry.title }} ({{ count }} views)
{% endfor %}


{% do craft.entryCount.increment( %}


  • Set up action for cron jobs/manual cleanup
  • Set up task index table for better task handling
  • Allow twig variable to accept second parameter to set number of days to fetch view count from
  • Possibility to specify which section to get entries from


Version 0.1.1

  • Added twig variable to limit view count to specified number of days

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