Vim Ctags Modules

A command-line utility for genreating tags files via exuberant ctags.
Alternatives To Vim Ctags Modules
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3 years ago57cc0-1.0VimL
use vim as IDE
K Vim4,883
4 months ago33Vim script
Vim Gutentags2,173
2 months ago79mitVim Script
A Vim plugin that manages your tag files
8 hours ago51apache-2.0Python
An efficient fuzzy finder that helps to locate files, buffers, mrus, gtags, etc. on the fly for both vim and neovim.
21 days ago48mitVim Script
:cactus: Viewer & Finder for LSP symbols and tags
Vim Easytags962
4 years ago73VimL
Automated tag file generation and syntax highlighting of tags in Vim
Gotags74815204 years ago6April 03, 20177mitGo
ctags-compatible tag generator for Go
2 years ago13Vim script
Improved PHP omnicompletion
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A Modern, Powerful & Modular Vim Distribution
2 months ago1
simple vim guide
Alternatives To Vim Ctags Modules
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CTags Modules


Allows for easier and more precise creation of tags files using the (exuberant) ctags command.

Other vim-specific data is also output, namely data for inclusion in Vim's path variable, which makes jumping around header files easier via the gf command (or other commands using the path variable).

How To Use

Running the program: Typing createtags <module name> will generate a tags file for the module.

Getting help: createtags with no parameters will print out the program's help.

Listing Available Modules: createtags -l will generate a list of all the modules that are known.

Printing the version number: createtags -v will print out the version number on standard output.

Displaying the command that WOULD have been run (dry-run mode): Running createtags with the -n option will print the command to be run without actually running it. Useful for debugging purposes.

Display the possible return values and their meanings: createtags -r will generate a human-readable list of return values and their meanings.

Filesystem Structure


Contains the createtags command.


Contains files for each standard of the C and C++ language. Each file representing that standard contains a list of the header files, one per line, the given standard added to the previous standard.


Contains a file per module. Each file lists, one per line, a pattern to pass to the --exclude option. Used to exclude input files.


Contains a file per module. Each file lists, one per line, a preprocessor macro to ignore. These are passed to the -I option.


Contains files defining the available modules.


The output tags file for each module.


If it exists for a given module, a file containing the directories that were searched for the input tag file generation. Useful for adding to Vim's 'path' variable, which will allow for using Vim's 'gf', ]I, etc. to find header files for the module.

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