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React Storefront

Build and deploy e-commerce progressive web apps (PWAs) in record time.

Full Guides, API Documentation, and Examples

Example Site

Example Site Built with React Storefront

You can create a local copy of this site using create-react-storefront to use as a starting point for your own site:

npm install -g create-react-storefront
create-react-storefront my-site


React Storefront is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License.


To contribute to react-storefront:

  1. Make a branch from master
  2. Make your changes
  3. Add tests
  4. Verify all tests pass by running yarn test
  5. Add an item to the Change Log in Use your best judgement as to whether your change is a patch, minor release, or major release. We'll ensure that the correct version number is assigned before it is released.
  6. Create a PR.


First, clone the repo and run yarn to install dependencies


To use your local copy of react-storefront when developing apps, in your clone of this repo, run:

yarn link:all

To automatically transpile your code when you make changes, run:

yarn watch

Then, in your app's root directory run:

npm run dev:link

You need to rerun the above every time you run npm install because npm overwrites linked modules when new modules are installed.

Setup prettier with Visual Studio Code

prettier-vscode can be installed using the extension sidebar.

To format on save, just update your editor.formatOnSave setting.

For other editors,


To publish a release, run:

yarn release


6.83.0 diff

  • Added the ability for the Moovweb XDN to pass in a route index from the edge using the x-xdn-route header.

6.82.8 diff

  • Added handling for fetch abort events to immediately reject the promise when a request is aborted. This will help conserve server resources that would otherwise be taken up by aborted requests that continue on until the worker times out.

6.82.7 diff

  • Add tabsProps to TabPanel.

6.82.6 diff

  • Add aria-label attribute to Drawer and ImageSwitcher.

6.82.5 diff

  • Check for empty port when creating an absolute URL

6.82.4 diff

  • Fixed mobile ImageSwitcher swiping issue which skipped slides

6.82.3 diff

  • Fixed ImageSwitcher's infinite quick turnaround bug

6.82.2 diff

  • Fixed service worker bug related to an empty referrer

6.82.1 diff

  • Fixed AMP images in carousel

6.82.0 diff

  • Added all features of Carousel to ImageSwitcher
  • Add ReactImageMagnify to carousels, to allow images to be magnified on hover on PDPs

6.81.1 diff

  • Fixed prevButtonProps and nextButtonProps not being passed to Carousel render.

6.81.0 diff

  • Add prevButtonProps and nextButtonProps to Carousel.
  • Add poster attribute for videos in <ImageSwitcher>

6.80.0 diff

  • Added an infinite scroll feature to the Carousel component, including infinite, slideRenderer, slidesToShow, and swipeableViewsProps props
  • Added width prop to AmpCarousel component

6.79.0 diff

  • Updated webpack plugin which caused copy error in client bundle
  • Added menuButtonRenderer prop to NavTab

6.78.1 diff

  • Removed broken indexes from root react-storefront module

6.78.0 diff

  • moov_* cookies are now always sent when using fetch in an API handler. This ensures that when an API handler makes a request to the PWA under an A/B test, the response will come from the same mode.
  • Fixed AMP Image Switcher issue with selecting colors
  • Adds ability to disable analytics with _rsf_analytics=0 query parameter

6.77.0 diff

  • Added Track property to delay firing analytics events

6.76.1 diff

  • Fixes a bug where the onClose prop of Menu is not called when the menu is closed.

6.76.0 diff

  • Adds inputProps prop to SearchDrawer

6.75.2 diff

  • Fix regression where fromOrigin routes fail during local development with the message: "Error: fromOrigin is only supported when running in the Moovweb XDN."

6.75.1 diff

  • Updated cookie library to support SameSite=None attribute in cookie string

6.75.0 diff

  • Add support for lazyOffset on the <Image /> component when horizontal scrolling
  • Fixed service worker bugs which caused cached responses to never be matched and/or used when URLs contain an "&" in the query string.
  • Allow requests of type application/json to be not be valid JSON. Requests of this type that contain unparsable JSON will now log a warning message rather than force the request to fail entirely.

6.74.0 diff

  • Added drawerProps to SearchDrawer
  • Added type prop to AmpCarousel

6.73.0 diff

  • Improved support for A/B testing. You can now use fromOrigin and redirectTo route handlers when running A/B tests. This is done by moving the outer edge routing logic to the moov backend in oem.json
  • This release requires you to install react-storefront-edge:
npm i --save-dev [email protected]^1.0.0
  • and update your config/webpack/ to:
const edge = require('react-storefront-edge/webpack')
const path = require('path')

module.exports = edge(path.join(__dirname, '..', '..'), {
  router: 'src/routes.js'

6.72.2 diff

  • Fixed issue with broken CSS after client-side navigation introduced in 6.71.1

6.72.1 diff

  • Fixed unhandled exceptions relating to service workers in Firefox and Safari.

6.72.0 diff

  • Added thumbnailImageProps to ImageSwitcher

6.71.1 diff

  • Fixed support for hydration of multiple components on adapt pages

6.71.0: Dec 19, 2019 diff

  • Added support for the new image optimizer, review imageService for information about transitioning

6.70.2: Dec 19, 2019 diff

  • fetchWithCookies will no longer URI encode cookies when running in a handler with a custom cache key that splits the cache by cookie. URI encoding cookies is not standard and breaks some back ends.
  • Fixed sharing URLs for all SocialShareButtons types

6.70.1: Dec 19, 2019 diff

  • Fixed infinite reloading in proxied pages. Not running handlers from on page load anymore.

6.70.0: Dec 9, 2019 diff

  • Added zoomSrc to MediaTypeModel. Use zoomSrc to specify a separate high-resolution URL to display when the user activates the pinch/zoom modal on the PDP.

6.69.1: Dec 9, 2019 diff

  • Fixed security vulnerability by upgrading Lodash

6.69.0: Dec 6, 2019 diff

  • Added ability to pass props into Tab component from NavTab

6.68.2: Dec 18, 2019 diff

  • Rolls back 6.68.1, which it turns out was unnecessary (not released).

6.68.1: Nov 27, 2019 diff

  • Fixed a bug that prevented prefetching fallback routes.

6.68.0: Nov 25, 2019 diff

  • You can now disable preload headers by setting sendPreloadHeaders to false when calling react-storefront-moov-xdn/index from scripts/index in your project.


// scripts/index.js

console.error = console.warn = console.log

module.exports = function() {

  const index = require('react-storefront-moov-xdn').default
  const { transformAmpHtml } = require('react-storefront-extensions/amp')
  const errorReporter = require('../src/errorReporter').default

    theme: require('../src/theme').default,
    model: require('../src/AppModel').default,
    App: require('../src/App').default,
    router: require('../src/routes').default,
    blob: env.blob || require('../src/'),
    transform: transformAmpHtml,
    sendPreloadHeaders: false

6.67.1: Nov 25, 2019 diff

  • Fixes a bug where Link elements with a to prop that points to a fromOrigin route do not work.

6.67.0: Nov 25, 2019 diff

  • You can now use fromOrigin and redirectTo in your router's fallback handler.

6.66.0: Nov 22, 2019 diff

  • You can now group multiple header values when creating a custom edge cache key.


  edge: {
    maxAgeSeconds: 1000,
    key: createCustomCacheKey()
      .addHeader('country', header => {

6.65.3: Nov 21, 2019 diff

  • Improves utils/batchPromises concurrent execution.

6.65.2: Nov 20, 2019 diff

fetch calls made in handler functions now forward the x-forwarded-for request header automatically.

6.65.1: Nov 15, 2019 diff

  • You can now use fromOrigin in local development. In local development fromOrigin simply uses proxyUpstream() with no arguments.

6.65.0: Nov 15, 2019 diff

  • Adds support for router.fallback(fromOrigin()) and router.fallback(redirectTo(url))
  • Adds client and server props to <Lazy/>, giving you the option to fully render a page on the server while making some components lazy during client side navigation.
  • Fixes AMP validation errors on AmpDrawer

6.64.1: Nov 11, 2019 diff

  • Fixes additionalDelay bug which caused hydration before load

6.64.0: Nov 11, 2019 diff

  • Adds the ability to cache routes with a fromOrigin handler.
  • withPersonalization will no longer fire the supplied callback unless the parent page component is visible.
  • Added additionalDelay option to launch client to further delay hydration after page load.

6.63.0: Nov 9, 2019 diff

  • Optimized css minification to reduce request handling time.
  • Optimized generating links for SEO in Menu.
  • Production server build now uses terser.

6.62.2: Nov 5, 2019 diff

  • Fixes metadata for analytics events that have no arguments

6.62.1: Nov 5, 2019 diff

  • Fixes metadata for analytics events that get queued before the app becomes interactive.

6.62.0: Nov 5, 2019 diff

  • You can now delay hydration until after the window's load event fires to improve largest image render times.
// src/client.js

import App from './App'
import launchClient from 'react-storefront/launchClient'
import model from './AppModel'
import router from './routes'
import theme from './theme'

  delayHydrationUntilPageLoad: true

6.61.0: Nov 1, 2019 diff

  • Adds a metadata object to all analytics events with the following keys:
metadata: {
  title: document.title,
  pathname: location.pathname,
  uri: location.pathname +,
  referrer: document.referrer

6.60.6: Nov 1, 2019 diff

  • Fixed caching for Product images

6.60.5: Nov 1, 2019 diff

  • Fixed bug in Router that allowed internal location state to get out of sync

6.60.4: Nov 1, 2019 diff

  • Improves the performance of the Menu component by only rendering the SEO links on the server.

6.60.3: Oct 31, 2019 diff

  • Removing the bloat of JIMP from the React Storefront server code. It was an unused dependency of the amp-optimizer

6.60.2: Oct 31, 2019 diff

  • Fixed a bug where the main image on a PDP will flash in on the first client-side transition from a PLP.

6.60.1: Oct 31, 2019 diff

  • Fixed Response's handling of cookies. Now able to set multiple cookies.

6.60.0: Oct 30, 2019 diff

  • Added a Carousel component that supports AMP

6.59.6: Oct 30, 2019 diff

  • Added redirected flag to response context for downstream event handlers

6.59.5: Oct 29, 2019 diff

  • Removed buggy optimization for ExpandableSection, it conflicted with MobX and caused rendering issues.

6.59.4: Oct 27, 2019 diff

  • Fixed bug where app would scroll to the top of the page before updating the UI during client side navigation.

6.59.3: Oct 24, 2019 diff

  • Fixed scroll to top and lazy loading not working as expected when attributes title, description and canonicalUrl of AppModel set to null.

6.59.2: Oct 23, 2019 diff

  • Fix for TabPanel amp initial state

6.59.1: Oct 22, 2019 diff

  • Fixed AMP Menu bug which was causing sub menus not to close

6.59.0: Oct 22, 2019 diff

  • Added Accordion component which only allows one child ExpandableSection to be open at a time.

6.58.0: Oct 21, 2019 diff

  • Added ProductColors and ProductThumbnail components to support dynamic color swatches within a PLP page.
  • Fixes a bug in AmpForm that caused errors when injected into non-PWA pages.

6.57.0: Oct 21, 2019 diff

  • Removed css minification for non-amp request to speed up execution times.

6.56.0: Oct 18, 2019 diff

  • Added DrawerButton component for creating drawers with custom content with support for anchoring from any side
  • Lazy no longer requires a key prop to automatically unmount it's children when the URL changes.

6.55.4: Oct 11, 2019 diff

  • Added visibilitySensorProps to Lazy.

6.55.3: Oct 9, 2019 diff

  • uninstall-service-worker.js is no longer prefetched.

6.55.2: Oct 9, 2019 diff

  • Elements inside Lazy are now shown in AMP.

6.55.1: Oct 9, 2019 diff

  • Search how hides and disables the submit button until the user enters a non-whitespace character
  • Fixes hiding <title> tag when app.title is null

6.55.0: Oct 8, 2019 diff

  • Added renderLeafHeader and renderLeafFooter to Menu. These allow developers to customize the header and footer sections for non-root menu cards.
  • Added linkProps prop to HeaderLogo for adding props into Link component.

6.54.3: Oct 8, 2019 diff

  • Updated Image to leave src in place when the image fails to load and notFoundSrc is not defined.
  • Fixes on-screen keyboard collapsing when search field was cleared
  • Fixes an issue where outdated state can be recorded in history if the app state changes immediately before navigation - Issue #272

6.54.2: Oct 4, 2019 diff

  • Fixed an issue where <Image /> components with lazy parameter and no width are never rendered if they are initially above the fold.

6.54.1: Oct 3, 2019 diff

  • Improved consistency of prefetch caching.

6.54.0: Oct 3, 2019 diff

  • Upgrades workbox to 4.3.1
  • Fixes a bug where prefetched data always results in a cache miss when navigating to a new page.

6.53.1: Oct 2, 2019 diff

  • Fixes a bug introduced in 6.47.0 that caused responses cached in the browser to not expire properly

6.53.0: Sep 30, 2019 diff

  • Added a throttleClick prop to AddToCartButton with a default of 250 milliseconds to help prevent users from adding a product to their cart multiple times by accident.
  • Fixed the NavTabs storybook example.

6.52.2: Sep 30, 2019 diff

  • Improves the patch from 6.52.1 to also handle the case when the product was rendered on the server.

6.52.1: Sep 28, 2019 diff

  • Fixed a bug introduced in 6.52.0 where the product thumbnail shown over the main product images while loading would not be hidden when returning back to the same product as was previously viewed.

6.52.0: Sep 26, 2019 diff

  • Added AMP functionality to the SearchDrawer. In order to make the search drawer work in AMP:
    • Use the new SearchButton component in your app header to open the search drawer.
    • In your search/suggest-handler.js, add thumbnails: (true|false) to each item in groups. Set to true when items in the group have a thumbnail, otherwise false.

6.51.1: Sep 26, 2019 diff

  • The renderers/render method is now correctly marked async.

6.51.0: Sep 26, 2019 diff

  • ImageSwitcher now uses the product name for the alt prop on any images or thumbnails that do not have one.

6.50.2: Sep 26, 2019 diff

  • Fixed an issue where elements inside a Lazy component are never rendered if they are initially above the fold.

6.50.1: Sep 24, 2019 diff

  • Fixed error when running apps in express due to headers.get(name) not being defined.

6.50.0: Sep 23, 2019 diff

  • You can now add data to amp-analytics tags by implementing getAmpAnalyticsData() on analytics targets.
  • Updated Headers implementation to support spreading, deleting, direct access of properties.
  • Added woff2 support.

6.49.0: Sep 19, 2019 diff

  • ImageSwitcher can now display videos.
  • Added a new Video component which supports displaying videos in AMP.
  • Added a fromOrigin(originName) handler type that allows you to proxy an origin from the edge.
  • Added a redirectTo(path) handler type that allows you redirect the request at the edge.

6.48.2: Sep 13, 2019 diff

  • Fixed AMP validation errors in AmpImageSwitcher.

6.48.1: Sep 13, 2019 diff

  • ImageSwitcher with color selector now works in AMP

6.48.0: Sep 11, 2019 diff

  • create-react-storefront now checks for node 8 at startup.

6.47.0: Sep 11, 2019 diff

  • Skeletons are now skipped when the URL matches a route that is cached on the client.

6.46.1: Sep 10, 2019 diff

  • Fixing AMP check in Server

6.46.0: Sep 10, 2019 diff

  • When cache({ edge }) is present on a route and has a key property, the cookies in that key will be forwarded on any fetch calls sent upstream.
  • Added react-storefront/requestContext for request scoped state storage access
  • Redirects from AMP to the PWA if @withAmp is not present on the main page component or if react-storefront-extensions/transformAmpHtml is not used.
  • Added the ability to disable analytics by setting a cookie named rsf_disable_analytics to true. The default smoke test now disables analytics so that smoke test runs aren't counted as real user sessions.

6.45.0: Sep 9, 2019 diff

  • Added tracking search events for the SearchPopup component

6.44.1: Sep 3, 2019 diff

  • cache/clearClientCache no longer requires the service worker to be installed in order to clear the cache. This is now done entirely by the main browser thread.

6.44.0: Sep 2, 2019 diff

  • Adds a new react-storefront-puppeteer package to help developers write puppeteer tests for React Storefront apps and schedule smoke testing with Moovweb Control Center.

6.43.2: Aug 30, 2019 diff

  • Fixed a client build issue relating to AMP exclusion.

6.43.1: Aug 28, 2019 diff

  • Prevent errors when headers forwarded by fetch are not provided by the browser.

6.43.0: Aug 28, 2019 diff

  • Added BackToTop component for scrolling to top of page.
  • The authorization header sent from the browser will be forwarded to fetch calls made from the server when basic auth is enabled.

6.42.2: Aug 27, 2019 diff

  • Restored the default export of react-storefront/fetch for backwards compatibility.

6.42.1: Aug 23, 2019 diff

  • Restored react-storefront/fetch for backwards compatibility.

6.42.0: Aug 23, 2019 diff

  • The headers object included in fetch responses now matches the Headers interface from the standard fetch API.
  • Fixes an issue where the Menu would not reset the user taps on an item to drill down.

6.41.0: Aug 22, 2019 diff

  • Adds the ability to clear the client cache using clearClientCache() from react-storefront/cache
  • Added the ability to override the style of selected a NavTab via a new selected class.

6.40.0: Aug 13, 2019 diff

  • fetch() now relays the user-agent header from the browser if one is not explicitly provided.
  • The server option in cache() route handlers has been renamed edge. Usage of server is still supported, but will result in a deprecation warning.

6.39.0: Aug 13, 2019 diff

  • Added the ability to split and normalize the server cache for routes using the cache() handler's new server.key property and react-storefront/router/createCustomCacheKey.

6.38.0: Aug 9, 2019 diff

  • Adding analytics events searchSubmitted and searchLinkClicked to SearchDrawer

6.37.1: Aug 9, 2019 diff

  • Fixed webpack production build issue

6.37.0: Aug 7, 2019 diff

  • Server now cleans and minifies server side rendered CSS
  • hydrate now lives in utils. Used internally and for RSF components in adapt pages.

6.36.4: Aug 5, 2019 diff

  • Removes this warning about deprecated usage of require("history/createBrowserHistory").

6.36.3: Aug 5, 2019 diff

  • Server now properly handle the case when rendering an error fails
  • The app shell will no longer be throttled when prefetching.
  • (.. diff)

6.36.2: Aug 5, 2019 diff

  • SearchResultsModelBase nows updates facetGroups if defined in a search results response
  • (.. diff)

6.36.1: Jul 26, 2019 diff

  • Fixed Filter issue where all group items were being rendered even when not expanded
  • Updated the lodash dependency to fix a vulnerability
  • Fixed missing prefech flag header on prefetch requests.

6.36.0: Jul 19, 2019 diff

  • Added a hideLast prop to to the Breadcrumbs component.
  • You can now disable the service worker by setting passing serviceWorker: false to launchClient.

6.35.1: Jul 19, 2019 diff

  • Sourcemap files are now excluded from the service worker precache manifest.

6.35.0: Jul 15, 2019 diff

  • Added resetSelectionWhenImagesChange prop to ImageSwitcher.
  • PageLink now merges the state prop with state automatically created from the model prop.
  • Added optimize prop on Image component which allows you to optimize images for mobile devices using Moovweb's CDN.

6.34.3: Jul 12, 2019 diff

  • Fixed prefetch throttling opt-in in production client webpack config.

6.34.2: Jul 11, 2019 diff

  • Fixed issues with lazy loading images in CmsSlot
  • Fixed sizing of loading spinner in the ShowMore button so that it matches the button height

6.34.1: Jul 11, 2019 diff

  • Fixed warning "React does not recognize the lazyLoadImages prop on a DOM element." when using CmsSlot.

6.34.0: Jul 11, 2019 diff

  • Cookies are now sent with AJAX requests to get suggestions in the search drawer.
  • Fixed an error that occurs in Link when history cannot be injected from app scope.
  • Added Lazy component for late loading components with a simple wrapper
  • CmsSlot now lazy loads images with data-rsf-lazy attribute

6.33.1: Jul 4, 2019 diff

  • Fixed linking to JS assets introduced in 6.33.0

6.33.0: Jul 4, 2019 diff

  • Added source maps for production builds.

6.32.0: Jul 2, 2019 diff

  • You can now lazy load items in the main menu by setting lazyItemsURL in MenuItemModel instances.
  • You can now customize the rendering of menu items via Menu's itemRenderer and itemContentRenderer props.

6.31.1: Jul 1, 2019 diff

  • Fixes the "Uncaught TypeError: Converting circular structure to JSON" error shown in the console when the user clicks the ShowMore button.

6.31.0: Jul 1, 2019 diff

  • Adds a new labelComponent prop to BackNav, which allows you to override the default HTML element used to render the label.
  • Fixes a bug where requests could be catched by serviceWorker.cache(path) even if the path matches a route that doesn't have a cache handler.
  • Disable prefetching throttling by default.
  • Improved service worker cache-busting by including settings in the hashed filename for the bootsrap file.

6.30.2: Jun 25, 2019 diff

  • Fixed deprecation warning: Please use require("history").createMemoryHistory instead of require("history/createMemoryHistory")

6.30.1: Jun 21, 2019 diff

  • SearchDrawer now handles a null value for gracefully.

6.30.0: Jun 21, 2019 diff

  • Adds a createSubmitURL prop to SearchDrawer.
  • You can now define a set of initialGroups to display in the search drawer when the search field is blank.
  • Adds an imageProps prop to ImageSwitcher
  • Adds support for accessing the app state tree with React's useContext hook via the new react-storefront/AppContext.
  • Added a withPersonalization HOC and usePersonalization hook for late loading personalized data.

6.29.0: Jun 19, 2019 diff

  • Adds an initialContent prop to SearchDrawer that determines the content to display when the search field is blank.
  • Fixed bug where custom ExpandableSection icons were showing wrong icon when using defaultExpanded.
  • Fixed a bug where format was not being passed as a request param. This was introduced in 6.25.0
  • Fixed bug in renderers/render which caused injection of PWA components into proxied pages to fail. This was a regression introduced in 6.26.0

6.28.0: Jun 13, 2019 diff

  • Adds a new delayUntilInteractive prop to AnalyticsProvider that delays loading analytics scripts until the app is fully interactive. This helps ensure the best TTI and user experience.

6.27.0: Jun 13, 2019 diff

  • Added optimizeImages util function for use in handlers
  • Fixed issue with JS scripts being included in the wrong order during SSR in 6.26.0.

6.26.0: Jun 13, 2019 diff

  • JavaScript bundles are now prefetched using link rel="prefetch" headers.
  • Fixes bug in handling of AMP routes introduced in 6.25.0

6.25.0: Jun 10, 2019 diff

  • The Router now explicitly adds a JSON route with each Route initialization
  • Fixed max-age cache control header configuration

6.24.1: May 31, 2019 diff

  • Rerelease of 6.24.1 due to a botched build.

6.24.0: May 31, 2019 diff

  • You can now specify webpack optimization options in the client build config.
  • You can now use the OPEN_BROWSER environment variable to control whether or not the browser opens after starting in development mode
  • Added universal error reporting with the new errorReporter config on both react-storefront/launchClient and react-storefront-moov-xdn/index.

6.23.1: May 29, 2019 diff

  • Rolled back optimization to exclude AMP components in the client build that was added in 6.23.0 as it was causing issues in some apps.

6.23.0: May 28, 2019 diff

  • You can now pass options to control how Router's applySearch function stringifies params. For example, router.applySearch({ colors: ['red', 'green'] }, { arrayFormat: 'brackets' })
  • AMP-specific components are now left out of the client build as they are only needed during server side rendering. This helps reduce client bundle size.
  • The JSON that is cached by the service worker during the initial app load is now raw JSON returned from the router, not the serialized model. This brings it in line with how JSON returned from fromServer during client-side navigation is cached.

6.22.0: May 22, 2019 diff

  • The Menu component now looks the same when rendering in AMP and React.
  • Fixed bug where links in the menu main were not rendered properly for SEO introduced in 6.16.0
  • Fixes an issue where ImageSwitcher would not reset its selectedIndex after switching products.
  • If an analytics target throws an error it will now be caught so that other targets have a chance to fire.

6.21.0: May 20, 2019 diff

  • Fixes UI styling in cases where the last breadcrumb is a link.
  • Adds sortProps to SortButton, which allows your to pass props to the underlying Sort component.

6.20.0: May 16, 2019 diff

  • Added serveSSRFromCache option to the client webpack build. Set to true to allow the sevice worker to serve from the cache when a user initially lands on your app. Defaults to false.

  • Fixed the padding of the close button in the UpdateNotification component.

6.19.0 May 15, 2019 diff

  • Improved MenuIcon with better animation. Note: MenuIcon's OpenIcon and CloseIcon props have been removed.

6.18.0: May 14, 2019 diff

6.17.0: May 13, 2019 diff

  • You can now define a surrogate key for each route using:
new Router().get(
    server: {
      surrogateKey: (params, request) => {
        return 'product'
  • Fixed bug in converting relative URLs to absolute URLs in Link that was introduced in 6.16.0

6.16.1: May 13, 2019 diff

  • Updated mobx-react to correct peerDependency ^5.4.3

6.16.0: May 13, 2019 diff

  • Added trackSelected prop to Menu. Set to true to indicate the item corresponding to the current page
  • Improved the performance of Menu by eliminating excessive rendering.

6.15.0: May 13, 2019 diff

  • New "PowerLinks" feature allows you link to a React Storefront app with <a data-rsf-power-link="on" href="">Visit My Store</a> and have the link prefetched and cached so that navigation is instant. Just add this to the site containing the link:
<script src="" defer />
  • Added the ability to overwrite cache() route handler with response.set('cache-control', '...').

6.14.1: May 13, 2019 diff

  • Fix bug in client webpack config due to a bad merge that would prevent apps from starting.

6.14.0: May 13, 2019 diff

  • Added support for prefetch throttling.

6.13.2: May 10, 2019 diff

  • Improved JSS class name generation in development

6.13.1: May 10, 2019 diff

  • Fixed a bug where links in the main menu were not rendered properly for SEO.

6.13.0: May 7, 2019 diff

  • Added environment module with isClient and isServer functions that allows you to detect whether your code is running on the client or the server.
  • Stub out Response's set, get, status, cookie, and redirect methods on the client.

6.12.1: May 2, 2019 diff

  • Update peerDependencies for mobx, mobx-react, and mobx-state-tree to more stable versions.

6.12.0: May 2, 2019 diff

  • Improved offline support.
  • Users will now be able to navigate back to any page they have previously visited when offline.
  • The AppBar component now displays "Your device lost its internet connection" when offline. This message is configurable via AppBar's offlineWarning prop.
  • Added an Offline component to be displayed as the main body of the app when the user attempts to navigate to a page that isn't cached when offline.
  • Added appShell configuration method to Router. Configure the appShell with a fromServerhandler that returns global data to display in the app shell when the user attempts to load the site while offline.

To add offline support to your app, upgrade to 6.12.0, then:

  • Add an appShell configuration to your router definition:
// src/routes.js

new Router()
  // ...
    // returns only the global data needed to build the app-shell for offline support
  • Add the Offline component to your Pages element in App.js.
// src/App.js

import Offline from 'react-storefront/Offline'

// then in the render method...
class App extends Component {
  render() {
    return (
        components={universal => ({
          // ...

6.11.0: Apr 30, 2019 diff

  • Gracefully handle when history.replace fails due to the state object being too large. This was happening on Firefox for apps with large state trees as Firefox imposes a limit of 640kB on the state object. When history.replace fails, history.state will simply be cleared out and the app will get the state from the network if the user navigates back or forward.

6.10.0: Apr 24, 2019 diff

  • Removed onImpression from Link. We decided this logic was better handled in CommerceAnalyticsTarget in react-storefront-extensions.
  • AnalyticsProvider now automatically calls setHistory for all targets.
  • 6.9.2 (no release/tag): Fixed an issue with Link where onImpression would not fire if the user returns to a page using the back or forward buttons.

6.9.1: Apr 18, 2019 diff

  • Fixed an issue with Link where onImpression would not fire unless prefetch="visible" was also present

6.9.0: Apr 17, 2019 diff

  • Added support for acceptInvalidCerts option to fetch
  • The transform passed into react-storefront-moov-xdn/index can now be asynchronous. The allows react-storefront-extensions/transformAmpHtml to fetch heights and widths for images when rendering AMP.
  • Added utils/batchPromises for running batches of concurrent promises.
  • Added onImpression prop to Link to help with tracking product impressions using Track.
  • Added currencyCode to ProductModelBase

6.8.3: Apr 11, 2019 diff

  • Fixed a bug where a number shows in the ImageSwitcher component when rendered in AMP without thumbnails.

6.8.2: Apr 11, 2019 diff

  • Fixes an issue where images sometimes do not show up in AmpImageSwitcher due to a bug in amp-carousel when rendering in a div with display: flex.
  • Fixes styling differences when rendering ExpandableSection in AMP.
  • Each card in the main menu now scrolls independently.
  • CmsSlot now spreads props to the underlying span. This fixes an issue where <Track> would not fire events when a CmsSlot was the child element.

6.8.1: Apr 3, 2019 diff

  • Restored AnalyticsProvider accidentally removed in 6.8.0

6.8.0: Apr 3, 2019 diff

  • Removes unnecessary dependency on js-cookie.
  • Added bottom border for selected thumbnail in AMP image carousel
  • Added className to MenuItemModel. This allows you to add CSS class names to individual items in the Menu.

6.7.0: Mar 21, 2019 diff

  • Browsers that support source maps will now display original react-storefront source code when debugging.
  • Changes to Filter and FilterButton:
    • adds LoadMask into Filter's facetGroups block when model is loading
    • disables clear all button when model is loading
    • clear all button semantics fixed: use <button> instead <a> w/o href attribute
  • Added AMP analytics when using AnalyticsProvider
  • Added ability to pass amp-analytics attributes

6.6.2: Mar 14, 2019 diff

  • Handle content-type: text/plain in post bodies.

6.6.1: Mar 14, 2019 diff

  • Fixed posting from AMP when served from Google cache by adding the correct CORS headers.

6.6.0: Mar 13, 2019 diff

  • Fixed a bug where ImageSwitcher's thumbs class is not applied when rendering AMP.
  • Added customization props to Rating
  • Added ability to add plugins to client webpack bundle
  • Added minimumTextLength to SearchModelBase
  • Added AmpModal component based on <amp-lightbox>.
  • Added AnalyticsProvider for loading analytics on mount
  • Fixes a layout issue with the Drawer component on iOS <= 10

6.5.0: Feb 28, 2019 diff

  • Removed extraneous logging of config on every request.
  • Menu now renders children so you can add custom controls.
  • Fixed a bug where an error would be thrown when posting application/json data with ESL enabled or posting an empty body.

6.4.0: Feb 26, 2019 diff

  • Added name prop to QuantitySelector to make it easier to submit the value when rendering AMP.
  • Fixed a bug where multipart/form-data requests were not parsed properly.

6.3.0: Feb 26, 2019 diff

  • fetch now supports the redirect option with values "follow", "error", and "manual".
  • Added x-rsf-routes header to get available route information.

6.2.0: Feb 22, 2019 diff

  • Added searchButtonVariant and showClearButton props to SearchDrawer to give you greater control over the behavior of the search input.
  • Fixes an issue where the page scrolls to the top when a route with a proxyUpstream handler runs on the client.
  • Added notFoundSrc prop to Image component which will be used in case the primary image source fails to load
  • TTF files are now processed by webpack file loader
  • Fixed a bug where links were unresponsive until all JavaScript was fully loaded.

6.1.1: Feb 21, 2019 diff

  • Fixes a bug that resulted in an error from mst-middleware about rendering circular JSON when the user opens the main menu.

6.1.0: Feb 15, 2019 diff

  • fetch now supports inflating responses with content-encoding: gzip
  • <Track> now allows you to map triggers to events. For example: <Track trigger={{ onVisible: 'productShown', onClick: 'productClicked' }}>
  • <Link> now has a onVisible prop that you can use to be notified when a link is scrolled into the viewport.
  • withGlobalState(request, callback, localState) now passes request to the callback.
  • Removed proxy-polyfill, which was causing errors when using analytics in IE11. If you plan to support IE11 and use analytics, you must call'eventName', data) instead of the proxied methods like analytics.eventName(data).

6.0.3: Feb 5, 2019 diff

  • Properly handle vendor chunks for components shared between pages.

6.0.2: Jan 29, 2019 diff

  • Fixed a bug causing the Filter component's apply button to be hidden on iOS.

6.0.1: Jan 29, 2019 diff

  • Corrected some out-of-date peerDependencies.

6.0.0: Jan 28, 2019 diff

  • Upgraded to mobx 4 and mobx-state-tree 3
  • Upgraded to babel 7
  • Upgraded to webpack 4
  • Upgraded to [email protected]
  • (.. diff)

5.13.0: Mar 21, 2019 diff

  • Changes to Filter and FilterButton:
    • adds LoadMask into Filter's facetGroups block when model is loading
    • disables clear all button when model is loading
    • clear all button semantics fixed: use <button> instead <a> w/o href attribute
  • (.. diff)

5.12.1: Mar 13, 2019 diff

  • Fixes a layout issue with the Drawer component on iOS <= 10

5.12.0: Mar 7, 2019 diff

  • Added AnalyticsProvider for loading analytics on mount
  • (.. diff)

5.11.0: Mar 6, 2019 diff

  • Added AmpModal component based on <amp-lightbox>.

5.10.2: Feb 22, 2019 diff

  • Fixed where links were unresponsive until all JavaScript was fully loaded.
  • Removed extraneous console.log calls.

5.10.1: Feb 21, 2019 diff

  • Added notFoundSrc prop to ImageSwitcher and handle missing images before the app mounts.

5.10.0: Feb 21, 2019 diff

  • Added searchButtonVariant and showClearButton props to SearchDrawer to give you greater control over the behavior of the search input.
  • Fixed an issue where the page scrolls to the top when a route with a proxyUpstream handler runs on the client.
  • Added notFoundSrc prop to Image component which will be used in case the primary image source fails to load

5.9.0: Feb 15, 2019 diff

  • Removed proxy-polyfill, which was causing errors when using analytics in IE11. If you plan to support IE11 and use analytics, you must call'eventName', data) instead of the proxied methods like analytics.eventName(data).

5.8.2: Jan 29, 2019 diff

  • Fixed a bug causing the Filter component's apply button to be hidden on iOS.

5.8.1: Jan 28, 2019 diff

  • Switch Webpack Bundle Analyzer to static mode so that analysis can be saved by CI

5.8.0: Jan 23, 2019 diff

  • Added a state field to BreadcrumbModel so that state can be passed to skeletons when the user clicks on a breadcrumb.
  • Added support for setting bundle analyzer mode using ANALYZER_MODE env variable.

5.7.1: Jan 15, 2019 diff

  • Fixed case error with importing lodash/isFunction in Router.
  • (.. diff)

5.7.0: Jan 11, 2019 diff

  • Added cookie helper method to Response
  • Replaced regular <iframe> with <amp-iframe> when rendering AMP.
  • Replaced YouTube <iframe> with <amp-youtube> when rendering AMP.
  • Removed extra padding at the bottom of the Drawer component.
  • Improved accessibility of QuantitySelector and ButtonSelector.

5.6.3: Dec 26, 2018 diff

  • Improved error handling for SSR.

5.6.2: Dec 26, 2018 diff

  • Fix layout issue with Filter title bar.
  • Added warning for setting cookies on cached route

5.6.1: Dec 18, 2018 diff

  • Fix for production webpack builds with no options

5.6.0: Dec 17, 2018 diff

  • Fix errors in SearchResultModelBase when filtering after paging.
  • Runs yarn link:all during CI builds to ensure that linking will work properly.
  • Transition to PWA and open filter/sort from AMP.
  • Added variant="drawer|menu" to FilterButton. The default is "drawer".
  • (.. diff)

5.5.0-2: Dec 13, 2018 diff

  • Added envVariables to webpack server options
  • Added ability to set asset path base

5.4.0: Dec 9, 2018 diff

  • Added itemRenderer prop to Menu

5.3.2: Dec 8, 2018 diff

  • Fixes an issue with Chrome 71 which prevents async loading of scripts by the service worker.

5.3.1: Dec 5, 2018 diff

  • Fix bugs related to production builds

5.3.0: Dec 5, 2018 diff

  • Code is now transpiled to ES5 before publishing
  • Bundle size reduced by about 20%
  • Can now run your build with an environment variable ANALYZE=true to see client build stats in your browser.

5.2.4-10: Dec 5, 2018 diff

  • Fixed a bug with sending redirects in response to POST requests from AMP.

5.2.3: Nov 26, 2018 diff

  • Prevents errors when webpack's OpenBrowserPlugin fails

5.2.2: Nov 26, 2018 diff

  • Fixed bug where all analytics targets would result in AMP event triggers being rendered, even if they don't support AMP.
  • Removed some unused dependencies.

5.2.1: Nov 26, 2018 diff

  • Fixed vertical alignment of + / - icons in QuantitySelector

5.2.0: Nov 26, 2018 diff

  • You can now display the main menu on the right by setting <AppBar menuAlign="right"/> and <Menu align="right"/>.
  • You can disable the "menu" label below the main menu button by setting <AppBar menuIconProps={{ label: false }}/>
  • You can now provide a custom eslint config for webpack client and server builds.
  • Fix bug where an empty popup would show when the user hovers over a NavTab without a menu on desktop.

5.1.1: Nov 20, 2018 diff

  • Fixed error when attempting to redirect from http to https.

5.1.0: Nov 19, 2018 diff

  • Added x-rsf-response-type and x-rsf-handler headers
  • TabPanel's onChange prop no longer requires selected to be controlled.

5.0.4: Nov 16, 2018 diff

  • TabPanel is now controllable via a new onChange prop.
  • Fixed bug in Container that would cause horizontal scrollbars to display on the window body.

5.0.3: Nov 15, 2018 diff

  • Fix CSS syntax error in LoadMask that could cause CSS not to load properly app-wide
  • Reduce latency when serving static assets

5.0.2: Nov 12, 2018 diff

  • Corrected peerDependencies by adding "react-transition-group" and removing "react-css-transition-group"

5.0.1: Nov 12, 2018 diff

  • Improved performance of page transitions by setting app.loading to true in PageLink to eliminate a reconciliation cycle.
  • The service worker now excludes mp4 videos from the catch-all runtime route to work around a known issue with videos and service workers in Safari.

5.0.0: Nov 9, 2018 diff

  • Upgrade to Material UI 3
  • Improved responsive capabilities of many components
  • NavTabs can now have menus
  • Menu icon is now animated
  • (.. diff)

4.10.1: Nov 12, 2018 diff

  • Added option to override selectedIndex in ImageSwitcher

4.10.0: Nov 9, 2018 diff

  • AMP analytics event data is now automatically generated based on configured targets.
  • Added support for pageview events in AMP.
  • Adds support for res.arrayBuffer() to react-storefront's internal fetch implementation. This allows developers to fetch binary data as a buffer.

4.9.0: Nov 8, 2018 diff

  • Prefetching now ramps up over the course of 25 minutes by default to ease the load on servers after clearing the cache during deployment

  • Removes some assets from the precache manifest that don't need to be prefetched.

4.8.1: Nov 7, 2018 diff

  • You can now set a custom content-type using response.set('content-type', contentType).

4.8.0: Nov 7, 2018 diff

  • You can now override <meta> tags using react-helmet.

  • Now throws an error in development when a cache handler runs during non-GET request

  • Removes set-cookie headers when route has a cache handler with server maxAgeSeconds > 0.

  • Automatically caches all proxied images and fonts for a day

4.7.0: Nov 2, 2018 diff

  • ExpandableSection's expanded state can now be controlled via an expanded prop

4.6.2: Nov 1, 2018 diff

  • Fixed bug with Referrer-Policy header.

4.6.1: Nov 1, 2018 diff

  • Added Referrer-Policy: no-referrer-when-downgrade response header

4.6.0: Nov 1, 2018 diff

  • Added response.json() helper method for sending JSON data
  • Fixed ShowMore infinity scrolling bug

4.5.1: Oct 30, 2018 diff

  • Added X-Frame-Options: SAMEORIGIN response header by default.

4.5.0: Oct 30, 2018 diff

  • response.redirect(url, status) no longer requires you to call response.send() afterwards.
  • Fixed bug where <Image lazy/> and <Link prefetch="visible"/> elements would eager fetch when hidden by upgrading react-visibility-sensor.

4.4.2: Oct 29, 2018 diff

  • Fixed XXS vulnerability where code could be injected via the URL into the canonical link tag.

4.4.1: Oct 26, 2018 diff

  • Moved proxy-polyfill to dependencies.

4.4.0: Oct 26, 2018 diff

  • Static assets are now cached at the network edge.
  • s-maxage is now only removed when there is no outer edge cache.

4.3.0: Oct 24, 2018 diff

  • Added anchorProps to Link
  • Added analytics support for IE9+ via the addition of proxy-polyfill

4.2.0: Oct 23, 2018 diff

  • Added onSuccess prop to Track
  • Prefetching now automatically resumes once page navigation is complete.

4.1.0: Oct 19, 2018 diff

  • Added ProductModelBase.basePrice
  • ProductModelBase.price is now a view that returns the price of the selected size or, if not present, the basePrice.
  • ButtonSelector can now display a CSS color code instead of an image via the new color field on OptionModelBase
  • ButtonSelector can now be configured to display a strike through when disabled by setting strikeThroughDisabled. The angle can be controlled via strikeThroughAngle.

4.0.0: Oct 18, 2018

  • Renamed to react-storefront and published on
  • Routes now automatically fire pageView analytics events. The track handler module has been removed
  • The new <Track> component let's you track interactions with analytics declaratively.
  • CommerceAnalyticsTarget and all subclasses have been moved to a separate package called 'moov-pwa-analytics'
  • Many methods of CommerceAnalyticsTarget have a new signature. All event methods now take a single options object. Please check your calls to methods on react-storefront/analytics to make sure they match the updated signatures.
  • Built in models in react-storefront/model no longer fire analytics events. Analytics events are only fired front components.
  • AMP analytics are now supported.


  • You can now return state objects from proxyUpstream handlers to render the PWA. Return null or undefined to render the proxied page.


  • Skeletons are no longer fullscreen. Pages remain hidden while app.loading is true, instead of being covered by the LoadMask/Skeleton.


  • Pages now keeps one page of each type hidden in the DOM to make navigating back and forward much faster.
  • AppModelBase.applyState has been optimized to minimize rerendering of observer components.
  • ResponsiveTiles has been optimized to render faster.


  • Renamed Breadcrumbs component to BackNav. It no longer tags an array of breadcrumbs, it now takes a single url and text.

  • Created a new Breadcrumbs component for displaying multiple breadcrumbs.


  • The request parameter passed to fromServer handlers has been refactored. The "path" property has been deprecated in favor of separate "pathname" and "search" properties.
  • Added a new UpdateNotification component that notifies the user when a new version of the app is available.
  • The service worker will now only load HTML from the cache when coming from AMP or when launching from the homescreen.


  • Adds the ability to reuse product thumbnails as the main product image in the PDP skeleton when navigating from PLP to PDP.


  • Fixed Link bug which formatted URL's incorrectly
  • Fixed issue where prefetched results are deleted when new SW is installed


  • Added SearchDrawer, which replaces SearchPopup.


  • You can now perfect proxy and transform pages from the upstream site using the new proxyUpstream handler. As a result, support for requestHeaderTransform({ fallbackToAdapt: true }) has been removed. Instead, simple add a fallback(proxyUpstream()) handler to your router.


  • Improved error handling with react-redbox and sourcemapped stacktraces for server-side errors
  • Added react error boundary to catch errors while rendering and display a component stack trace.
  • Automatically relay set-cookie headers from fetch calls to upstream APIs when not caching on the server.
  • Added fetchWithCookies to automatically forward all cookies when calling upstream APIs.


  • Support for moovsdk
  • Refactored handler signature to handler(params, request, response)
  • Renamed ShowMoreButton to ShowMore and added infiniteScroll prop
  • Functionality for moov_edge_request_transform, moov_edge_response_transform, moov_request_header_transform, index, and moov_response_header transform are not standardized in platform/* modules.
  • moov-react-dev-server is no longer needed
  • new ButtonSelector component for color and size selections
  • App state is automatically recorded in window.history.state so back and forward transitions are instantaneous.
  • AMP Form POST is now supported and multipart encoded request bodies are parsed automatically.
  • Added Skeleton components for creating custom loading skeletons

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