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Network Socket and Packet Sniffing on Linux

This is about socket connection and packet sniffing on the network. PL is Python, and the driving test was performed through Linux.

Department of Computer Science
Chungbuk National University

- Conditions

  1. Output of Ethernet and IP headers
  2. Using while statement to write multiple times
  3. Read the part that contains the length of the IP header first, then cut the IP header part based on the value and parse it.
  4. The IP header option does not need to be considered.
  5. Write only when Ethernet Type is IPv4

○ -i : NIC Name

○ -p: port number for connection

○ -p: port number for connection
○ -i: host address

Input Example (Packet Sniffing)

$ python3 -i lo

Input Example (Client-Server)

$ python -p 8888
$ python -i -p 8888

● Result for Packet Sniffing by

alt text

● Result for Socket Communication between Server-Client by and

alt text

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