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What's Daze?

Daze is a tool to help you link to the Internet.

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Compile or Download daze:

$ git clone
$ cd daze

# On Linux or macOS
$ ./cmd/
# On Windows
$ ./cmd/develop.ps1

Build results will be saved in directory bin. You can just keep this directory, all other files are not required.

Daze is dead simple to use:

# server port
# you need a machine that can access the Internet, and enter the following command:
$ daze server -l -k $PASSWORD

# client port
# use the following command to link your server(replace $SERVER with your server ip):
$ daze client -s $SERVER:1081 -k $PASSWORD
# now, you are free to visit Internet
$ curl -x socks5://

For browser, Firefox, Chrome or Edge e.g.

Daze forces any TCP/UDP connection to follow through proxy like SOCKS4, SOCKS5 or HTTP(S) proxy. It can be simply used in browser, take Firefox as an example: Open Connection Settings -> Manual proxy configuration -> SOCKSv5 Host= and Port=1080.

For android

Daze can work well on Windows, Linux and macOS. In additional, it can also work on Android, just it will be a bit complicated.

  1. Cross compile daze for android: GOOS=linux GOARCH=arm64 go build -o daze
  2. Push the compiled file to the phone. You can use adb or termux + wget, they are both possible.
  3. Run daze client -l ... in the background.
  4. Set the proxy for phone: WLAN -> Settings -> Proxy -> Fill in
  5. Now, you are free to visit Internet.

Use custom rules

Daze use a RULE file to custom your own rules(optional). RULE has the highest priority in routers, so that you should carefully maintain it. This is a RULE document located at "./", use daze client -r ./ to apply it.

  • L(ocale) means using local network
  • R(emote) means using proxy
  • B(anned) means block it, often used to block ads

Glob is supported, such as R *


Daze also use a CIDR(Classless Inter-Domain Routing) file to routing addresses. CIDR file has lower priority than RULE files, located at "./rule.cidr". When a IP address is in the CIDR file, daze will use the local network to establish the connection instead of using a proxy.


You can find all the information here by using daze server -h and daze client -h.

Have fun.

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