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ksql-jdbc-driver is a Type 4 Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) driver that provides standard access to Apache Kafka via JDBC API.

The driver connects to the ksqlDB engine then, the engine translates those requests to Kafka requests.

Getting started

Building from source

Just clone the ksql-jdbc-driver repo and package it:

git clone && cd ksql-jdbc-driver

sbt clean package

If you want to build a fat jar containing both classes and dependencies -for instance, to use it in a JDBC client such as SQuirrel SQL or whichever-, type the following:

sbt clean assembly

Running tests

To run unit and integration tests, execute the following:

sbt test it:test


To know the test coverage of the driver:

sbt clean coverage test it:test coverageReport


As expected, the driver can be used as we are used to. So, in your application, register the driver (depending on your JVM), for example:

  • java.sql.DriverManager.registerDriver(new com.github.mmolimar.ksql.jdbc.KsqlDriver)


  • Class.forName("com.github.mmolimar.ksql.jdbc.KsqlDriver")

Connection URL

The URL has the form jdbc:ksql://[<username>:<password>@]<ksql-engine>:<port>[?<property1>=<value>&<property2>=<value>...]


  • <username>:<password>: optional username and password to log into ksqlDB.
  • <ksql-engine>: represents the ksqlDB engine host.
  • <port>: ksqlDB engine port.
  • <propertyN>: are the custom client properties (optionals). Available properties:
    • secured: sets if the ksqlDB connection is secured or not. It's a boolean (true|false) and its default value is false.
    • properties: enables to set in ksqlDB extra properties from the JDBC URL. It's a boolean (true|false) and its default value is false.
    • timeout: sets the max wait time between each message when receiving them. It's a long and its default value is 0 which means that is infinite.


  • [ ] Standalone mode: connecting directly to Kafka brokers.
  • [ ] Make the driver more compliant with the JDBC spec.



Released under the Apache License, version 2.0.

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