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A fork of Piped, focusing on better performance and a more usable design.
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Piped-Material is a fork of Piped, an alternative client to YouTube. I have tried to improve the performance, the design and efficiency.

There are a few things that PM does better, like watch history tracking, but it's feature complete in almost all places.

As a byproduct, the code is also much cleaner, dysfunctional patterns and paradigms have been replaced with clean, beautiful code :).


URL Environment Special Notes Default Instance
https://piped-material..net Production Kavin
https://piped-material.ftp.sh Production Kavin
https://piped-staging.ftp.sh Staging Kavin
https://ui.piped..net Staging IPv6-only mmjee

Production instances are updated infrequently, and do not include features that are introduced recently without extensive testing.


Join the Libera Chat channel #piped-material via IRC.

Or alternatively you can join in via Matrix.

How to contribute

One of the easiest and most important ways to contribute is to translate and localize it to your language and/or region.

You can use Weblate for this, or you can just send normal PRs or patches.

Weblate URL: https://hosted.weblate.org/projects/piped-material/i18n.


  • [ ] Playing videos continuously in a playlist


  • [x] No Ads
  • [x] No Tracking
  • [x] Infinite Scrolling
  • [x] 4K support
  • [x] No connections to Google's servers
  • [x] Comments
  • [x] Playlist support
  • [x] Captions support
  • [x] Search Suggestions
  • [x] Livestreams support with a quality selector
  • [x] Support for IOS
  • [x] Preferences saved locally
  • [x] Multi-region loadbalancing
  • [x] Performant by design, designed to handle 1000s of users concurrently
  • [x] PWA support
  • [x] Improving UI
  • [x] Login
  • [x] Feeds
  • [x] Integration with SponsorBlock
  • [x] Integration with LBRY


  • [ ] Playing just audio
  • [ ] 8K support


The original parent repository documentation can be found at https://piped-docs.kavin.rocks (accessible via IPNS as well).


Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3

To donate and for support, see TeamPiped/piped

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