Awesome Open Source
Awesome Open Source

Online Gettext Tools


  • parsing of gettext .po, .pot and .mo files directly in your browser: your data is not send anywhere
  • many input character set are supported
  • create untranslated .pot files starting from .po or .mo files
  • create .po files from .mo files
  • create .mo files from .po files
  • create .po files with the corrected plural rules for the specified language (using the CLDR data)
  • calculate the source strings present in a file but not in other files
  • set/unset/toggle the fuzzy flag for all the translations
  • get some stats about a translations file (total number of strings, number of translated/untranslated strings, number of fuzzy/not-fuzzy strings, number of singular/plural strings)
  • ...and many more tools coming soon...


  • when saving .po, .pot and .mo files, the character set is converted to UTF-8


I started this project to experiment the great TypeScript language in Visual Studio Code. If you don't know them, give them a try: it's worth any minute you spend learning them.

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