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GKrellMMS: GKrellM XMMS Plugin patched for Audacious The Audacious patch comes from Gentoo Linux but is no longer in the portage tree. The patch became broken with Audacious 3.x and GTK 3.x so I
decided to update it and publish it here:


Tiago Sousa aka mirage

------------------------ Original README follows -----------------------------

GKrellMMS: GKrellM XMMS Plugin Orginal Author: Sander Klein Lebbink [email protected] Current Maintainer: Sjoerd Simons [email protected] Homepage: http://gkrellm.luon.net/

A plugin for GKrellM, which allows you to control XMMS from within GKrellM.

If you don't already know what it features, you can look at GKrellMMS's homepage (url mentioned above). Or read the help-text in the config-tab when you have gkrellmms running.

To install:

1 - Be sure to have the latest gkrellm, or else the plugin could get in trouble when you compile it!!

2 - Unpack the gkrellmms tar.gz-file somewhere (if you haven't already)

3 - Edit gkrellmms.h to fit your needs (where to place the plugin) (Default is above the apm-monitor). You can also set the gravity (0 to 15) of GKrellMMS for use with multiple plugins which place themselves above the same monitor. The higher the gravity, the lower a plugin will be placed compared to other plugins with the same placement position.

4 - Edit the Makefile to set a name for the gkrellmms-binary. (without the .so!) Standard is 'gkrellmms', which will put gkrellmms under the Volume-plugin, when placed above the apm-monitor (which is default).

5 - Compile the plugin. You'll have to type: make. If you want i18n support, You'll have to type: enable_nls=1 make

6 - To install the plugin as a system-wide plugin, become root and type: make install If you want i18n support, You'll have to type: enable_nls=1 make install

You can also Copy gkrellmms.so to ~/.gkrellm2/plugins/ if you don't have
root-perms on your machine, or don't need to have the plugin sys-wide.

7 - Restart GKrellM, enable GKrellMMS if it's system-wide, and you have your plugin. :)

If things don't work, first read the FAQ-file to see if your problem is listed there. If it isn't, you can mail me your problem.

Bug reports, comments, suggestions, and all of that stuff can be sent to: [email protected]

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