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A simple, dependency-free utility that generates Finnish headlines procedurally using data from YLE Uutiset, Iltasanomat, Iltalehti, HS, Hymy, MTV and Seiska, . Also contains Python code for running Twitter and Telegram bots that post a headline hourly.


Build the .jar file:



This program manages a file called cached_headlines in the folder in which it is run to make the process faster. Update or create it like this:

java -jar ylekov.jar update

To print a headline to the standard output stream, do this:

java -jar ylekov.jar generate

To print n headlines, run this:

java -jar ylekov.jar generate n

To test the bot, run

./ test

and it will print out a sample headline. To run the bot, run

./ run

Note that the bot requires tweepy and python-telegram-bot. Store the required keys and tokens in a file called

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