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CustomBottomSheetBehavior like Google Maps for Android Download

Android Studio Project using Support Library focused on get Google Maps 3 states behavior including background image parallax and toolbars animations.


In your module/project build.gradle file add

dependencies {
   implementation 'com.mahc.custombottomsheetbehavior:googlemaps-like:0.9.1'



Wiki under construction but still with some info already, until I complete it you can take a look at the example (app module).

Check the following files

What I did?

  1. I took the code from from Support Library 23.4.0 and added one state for anchor mode, so now you have:

  2. Created Behaviors for FAB, ToolBars and ImageView.


Spend more than 3 days looking snipet of code or stackoverflow answers about it with no luck.

Current state

Trying to help/close issues.


Do you want to help? Wanna improve it? Go ahead! you can start in issues page

Question about it in StackOverflow

If you like this project give me a vote up at:
Sliding up image with Official Support Library 23.x.+ bottomSheet like google maps.
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Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0

The true is I don't care about license... JUST USE IT, improve it if you can and give me vote up in stack overflow :D.

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