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Awesome Open Source


The application which helps the landlords to manage their property rents.


The main functionalities are:

  • Store information of the properties and the tenants in one place
  • Create rent leases from templates
  • Follow the rent payments and manage the rent overdues
  • Create custom documents to communicate with tenants
  • Manage the real estate business with several collaborators and in different organizations


Rents page Send notices, receipt by email Pay a rent
drawing drawing drawing
Tenants page Tenant details
drawing drawing
Properties page Property details
drawing drawing
Landlord page Template leases Author a contract
drawing drawing drawing

Getting started


The mre bash script is uses for building, running the application. If running on Windows use mre.exe on Mac mre-macos.

Clone the GitHub repository

$ git clone --recursive

Go to the microrealestate

$ cd microrealestate

Build the application

$ ./mre build

Start the application

$ ./mre start

Once the application is ready, the message bellow is displayed:

Front-end                 http://localhost:8080/app

Run the user interface

Take your favorite internet navigator and go to this link: http://localhost:8080/app



Support me to work on this project and to enjoy one coffee or two 🙌




MIT License

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