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This is protobuf code generation for micro. We use protoc-gen-micro to reduce boilerplate code.


go get

Also required:


Define your service as greeter.proto

syntax = "proto3";

service Greeter {
	rpc Hello(Request) returns (Response) {}

message Request {
	string name = 1;

message Response {
	string msg = 1;

Generate the code

protoc --proto_path=$GOPATH/src:. --micro_out=. --go_out=. greeter.proto

Your output result should be:

    greeter.proto	# original protobuf file
    greeter.pb.go	# auto-generated by protoc-gen-go
    greeter.micro.go	# auto-generated by protoc-gen-micro

The micro generated code includes clients and handlers which reduce boiler plate code


Register the handler with your micro server

type Greeter struct{}

func (g *Greeter) Hello(ctx context.Context, req *proto.Request, rsp *proto.Response) error {
	rsp.Msg = "Hello " + req.Name
	return nil

proto.RegisterGreeterHandler(service.Server(), &Greeter{})


Create a service client with your micro client

client := proto.NewGreeterService("greeter", service.Client())


If you see an error about protoc-gen-micro not being found or executable, it's likely your environment may not be configured correctly. If you've already installed protoc, protoc-gen-go, and protoc-gen-micro ensure you've included $GOPATH/bin in your PATH.

Alternative specify the Go plugin paths as arguments to the protoc command

protoc --plugin=protoc-gen-go=$GOPATH/bin/protoc-gen-go --plugin=protoc-gen-micro=$GOPATH/bin/protoc-gen-micro --proto_path=$GOPATH/src:. --micro_out=. --go_out=. greeter.proto


Add a micro API endpoint which routes directly to an RPC method


  1. Clone to use this feature as it requires http annotations.
  2. The protoc command must include -I$GOPATH/src/ for the annotations import.
syntax = "proto3";

import "google/api/annotations.proto";

service Greeter {
	rpc Hello(Request) returns (Response) {
		option (google.api.http) = { post: "/hello"; body: "*"; };

message Request {
	string name = 1;

message Response {
	string msg = 1;

The proto generates a RegisterGreeterHandler function with a api.Endpoint.

func RegisterGreeterHandler(s server.Server, hdlr GreeterHandler, opts ...server.HandlerOption) error {
	type greeter interface {
		Hello(ctx context.Context, in *Request, out *Response) error
	type Greeter struct {
	h := &greeterHandler{hdlr}
	opts = append(opts, api.WithEndpoint(&api.Endpoint{
		Name:    "Greeter.Hello",
		Path:    []string{"/hello"},
		Method:  []string{"POST"},
		Handler: "rpc",
	return s.Handle(s.NewHandler(&Greeter{h}, opts...))


protoc-gen-micro is a liberal reuse of protoc-gen-go hence we maintain the original license

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