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A micro gRPC framework. A simplified experience for building gRPC services.


Go gRPC makes use of go-micro plugins to create a simpler framework for gRPC development. It interoperates with standard gRPC services seamlessly, including the grpc-gateway. The go-grpc library uses the go-micro broker, client and server plugins which make use of internally. This means we ignore the go-micro codec and transport but provide a native grpc experience.


  • Service Discovery - We make use of go-micro's registry and selector interfaces to provide pluggable discovery and client side load balancing. There's no need to dial connections, we'll do everything beneath the covers for you.

  • PubSub Messaging - Where gRPC only provides you synchronous communication, Go gRPC uses the go-micro broker to provide asynchronous messaging while using the gRPC protocol.

  • Micro Ecosystem - Make use of the existing micro ecosystem of tooling including our api gateway, web dashboard, command line interface and much more. We're enhancing gRPC with a simplified experience using micro.


Find an example greeter service in examples/greeter.

Getting Started

See the docs to get started.



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