Hosts Blocking

Shell script to manage hosts file by blocking known malware, spyware, virus, shocksites, etc.
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Malware Exhibit658
12 hours agomitAssembly
🚀🚀 This is a 🎇🔥 REAL WORLD🔥 🎇 Malware Collection I have Compiled & analysed by researchers🔥 to understand more about Malware threats😈, analysis and mitigation🧐.
7 months ago17mitC++
A Stealthy Trojan Spyware
5 months ago8mitC++
A Terrific Keystroke Recorder
2 years agoapache-2.0C++
Framework for building Windows malware, written in C++
Malware Database111
2 months agogpl-3.0Assembly
A large repository of malware samples with 2500+ malware samples & source codes for a variety of platforms by Cryptware Apps.
2 years ago2C++
Virus Package ( For Educational Purposes )
The Malware Design Project5
2 years agoPython
The repository contains the Malware Projects ---> Malicious Softwares as like RansomWare , Spyware etc developed my own while learning cyber-security and The various workflows and mechanisms of the different types of Malicious softwares like Virus,Trojan and worms
Hosts Blocking4
6 years ago4mitShell
Shell script to manage hosts file by blocking known malware, spyware, virus, shocksites, etc.
4 months ago
Remove ads, definitly and the simplest way, internet browser or not.
6 years agomitBatchfile
Allows silent uninstall of McAfee Virus and Spyware Protection Service (SaaS) with a broken uninstaller
Alternatives To Hosts Blocking
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Hosts Blocking

Small utility that syncronizes the hosts.txt file to the /etc/hosts file.

  1. Script installs the _hosts.txt into your /etc/hosts file

  2. A snapshot of the /etc/hosts is stored inside ./backups as [email protected]

  3. A file named latest.txt is created with the contents of the newly created .bak file from #2



System requirements: git bash and sudo

Install GIT

macOS: Install git via Homebrew

brew install git

Ubuntu: Install git via apt-get

sudo apt-get install git

CentOS/RHEL: Install git via yum

sudo yum install git

Manually download git


From your command line application like Terminal or iTerm2 run the following:

git clone
cd hosts-blocking
sudo ./ --install


Show the help menu...

sudo ./ --help

Copy blocking hosts data to your hosts file

sudo ./ --install

Revert to the previous state of your hosts file

sudo ./ --undo

Revert your hosts file to a stored backup by name

See backups/


This software is provided "as-is" and comes with absolutely no warranty or guarantee. Please use at your own discretion. No contributor to this project shall be responsible for any issues caused as a result of executing this software. That being said, the software is fully open-source, so have at it... look it over, understand it, and determine on your own merits whether or not you should use it.

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