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Awesome Open Source


Convert Terraform graphs to GML for use with yEd.


tf2yed [output.gml]

If no outputs is specified, output gous to stdout.


Build an executable with:

mvn clean package
cat script/ target/tf2yed-*-jar-with-dependencies.jar > tf2yed && chmod +x tf2yed

Move the tf2yed app to your path, then enter a Terraform directory and run:

terraform init
tf2yed <(terraform graph) > graph.gml

Open graph.gml with yEd, and execute the steps:

  • "Tools->Fit Node to Label"
  • "Layout->Hierarchial"

I generally order the graph bottom to top, and follow up with "Grouping->AutoGrouping" and/or "Tools->Centrality Measures" to get a good overview.

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