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How it works:

  1. Customize JPA Repository base class:
@EnableJpaRepositories(repositoryBaseClass = ExpressionsRepositoryImpl.class)
public class Application { … }
  1. Change your repository to extends ExpressionsRepository:
public interface EmployeeRepository extends ExpressionsRepository<Employee, Long> {
  1. Build the controller/service:
public ResponseEntity<Page<EmployeeDto>> search(@RequestBody Expressions expressions, Pageable pageable) {
    return ok().body(
                employeeRepository.findAll(expressions, pageable).map(employeeMapper::toDto)
  1. Send Mongodb query in JSON from frontend:


    Learn more

    For quick start see this Medium post or post or see this demo example on Github.

    See documentation website for details about how to get started.



    🎖 Special Thanks

    Special thanks to Rashad Saif and Hamada Elnoby for helping in the design, inspring with ideas, and for doing code review.

    Next Release

    See List of issues to be shipped in the next release

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