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Get Your Freaking Timetable

NOTE: All updates to this repo should reflect, with appropriate refactorisation, in gyft-serve


Gets your timetable from ERP and adds it to your Google Calendar or gives you an ICS file which you can add in any common calendar application.

Note: Please use this utility with python version 3.6.

Check your python version using the command py --version


Updates To Be Made Each Sem

The following procedure is to be followed each new semester by the maintainer for updating GYFT to work properly.

  • Download the academic calendar for the particular year.
  • New semester dates need to be updated in
  • The format for the date-time is (YYYY, MM, DD, HH, MM).
  • Raise a pull request once the dates are updated.

How to use the program?

  • Step 1: Get your timetable from ERP:

    Run the Gyft script locally (using Python)

    Clone this repository and run the following command:

    $ pip install -r requirements.txt
    $ python3 --user <ROLL_NUMBER>

    Enter your password and security answer when prompted.

    Your timetable will be saved in data.txt. Make any changes required in data.txt. Then, proceed to Step 2.

    Use the web application on any browser

    • Go to the GYFT WebApp.
    • Enter your roll number and get the security question.
    • Once the security question is fetched, enter your credentials and save the ICS file.
    • Move to step 2(b)(ii).

    Source at nishnik/gyft-serve.

  • Step 2: Decide whether you want to add the events to Google Calendar or generate an ICS file from the data.

    Adding to Google Calendar requires an Internet connection

    ICS files are compatible with almost all Calendar applications (including the iOS calendar application, Sunrise etc)

  • Step 2(a): If you decide on adding your events to your Google Calendar:

    • Step (i): Get your credentials.json and save it as client_secret.json to the current directory by following the Step 1 from here.

    • Step (ii): Now, run:

      $ python
    • MISC: To delete all the recurring events added by the CLI or GYFT Web Application (uses property of recurrence to identify events to delete):

      $ python
  • Step 2(b): If you decide on generating an ICS file:

    • Step (i): Run the command:

      $ python3
      # you can provide input and output file path to this python script
      $ python3 --input d.txt --output t.ics
    • Step (ii): Open your calendar application and import this ICS file into it.

      For google calendar, follow the instructions given here.

Development Notes

If you manually edit the subjects.json file, re-indent and pretty print the file using this command: (you will need jq)

jq -S --indent 4 . subjects.json




Please read guide to know more.

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