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Melon is blockchain software that seeks to enable participants to set up, manage and invest in technology regulated investment funds in a way that reduces barriers to entry, while minimizing the requirements for trust.

The Melon protocol is a set of rules for how digital assets can be spent once held in a Melon smart-contract, or a Melon investment fund. These rules are meant to protect the investor and fund manager from malevolent behaviour of each other, even when both parties remain private.

Contract addresses

For the addresses of the latest deployed contracts, check out the deployments/latest directory on the master branch.



git clone
cd protocol
yarn install

Compile contracts


After installation, go to the above protocol directory, have Docker running, and:



After the above "Compile contracts" step, follow the instructions below, depending on if you want to run tests on your computer or on Kovan testnet.

Local blockchain

# first terminal
yarn devchain

# in a second terminal
yarn deploy
yarn test

Kovan testnet


In order to run these tests on Kovan testnet, you'll need your own kovan_keys.json file with 5 public / private key pairs, each funded with some ETH. You can use kovan_keys.json.template to set up your accounts as follows:

  1. Rename the file to kovan_keys.json
  2. Copy/paste 5 public / private key pairs in place of PUBLIC_KEY_1, PRIVATE_KEY_1, etc
  3. Send Kovan ETH to each account. For Accounts 2-5, 1 or 2 ETH per account should be fine. For account 1 with the default settings, over 200 ETH is required with the default settings, so consider the next step...
  4. (optional) Adjust deployerWethAmount (default: 100 ETH) and kyberReserveAmount (default: 100 ETH) in deploy_in_kovan.json to smaller amounts that total less than the total Kovan ETH of Account 1. 10 ETH each should be fine.

Deploy and test

yarn deploy-kovan
yarn test-kovan


See our contributing instructions.

Security Issues

If you find a vulnerability that may affect live or testnet deployments, please send your report privately to [email protected]. Please DO NOT file a public issue.

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