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CTurtle is a tool for parsing RDF 1.1 Turtle files and outputting the resulting triples in "N3P" format. "N3P" is a RDF serialization format used by the Eye reasoner.

Build status

Build Status


cturtle [-b=base-uri] [-o=output-file] [-f=(nt|n3p|n3p-rdiv)] [input-files]

  • -b=baseUri the base URI to use when resolving relative URIs.
  • -o=output-file where the results are written, write to stdout when omitted.
  • -f=nt (default) output triples in N-Triples format.
  • -f=n3p output triples in N3P format.
  • -f=n3p-rdiv output triples in N3P format, use rdiv to output decimals.
  • input-files the Turtle input files to process, read from stdin when omitted.


  • The parser only does basic validation of IRIs and literals, e.g. <http://localhost:abc> :value "abc"^^xsd:integer. will pass as a valid triple.

Integration with Eye

The latest version of Eye (since EYE-Winter16) will automatically use CTurtle when using the --turtle option to specify Turtle input files.

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