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~melekes dotfiles

What I am using


Be sure, you had these installed before proceeding.


Clone onto your laptop:

git clone git://

(Or, fork and keep your fork updated).

Install rcm:

brew install rcm


rcup -d dotfiles -x -x LICENSE

This will create symlinks for config files in your home directory. The -x options, which exclude the and LICENSE files, are needed during installation but can be skipped once the .rcrc configuration file is symlinked in.

You can safely run rcup multiple times to update:


After steps

Install Vim plugins: open Vim and type :PlugInstall.

Install Tmux plugins: run tmux and hit Ctrl-f + I.

Make your own customizations

Put your customizations in dotfiles appended with .local:

  • ~/.aliases.local
  • ~/.gitconfig.local
  • ~/.tmux.conf.local
  • ~/.zshrc.local
  • ~/.config/nvim/init.vim.local

For example, your ~/.aliases.local might look like this:

# Productivity
alias todo='$EDITOR ~/.todo'

Your ~/.gitconfig.local might look like this:

  l = log --pretty=colored
  colored = format:%Cred%h%Creset %s %Cgreen(%cr) %C(boldblue)%an%Creset
  name = Joe Black
  email = [email protected]

Your ~/.config/fish/ might look like this:

set PATH $PATH /usr/local/bin

Shell aliases

  • e for $EDITOR
  • git aliases (gst, gci, ga, etc.)


These dotfiles are heavily inspired by holman does dotfiles. Installation process is now handled by awesome thougtbot/rcm.

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