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Easily present the latest changes and features to your users on app updates.

What is it?

Since iOS 7, apps update automatically. This is great for getting more users running the latest version of your app. However, it essentially eliminated the one place where developers left notes on the updates. Apple has alleviated this issue in their own apps by presenting major changes on app launch.

A note to you: Only major changes should be displayed, otherwise they're just getting in the way of the user using the app. Please use this pattern conservatively.

What's it do? With MTZWhatsNew and MTZWhatsNewViewController, you can easily do the same. On app launch, any changes made to the app since the previous launch can be displayed to the user.

How do I do? Simply provide a list of changes (and optionally artwork) associated with each version of the app and that's it. You'll be asked to present them. You can do so however you'd like. However, pre-built view controllers are given to you as an option, though.

What's new for you. All changes made since the user last opened the app can be displayed, even if those changes span multiple versions.

Just Look At It.

Screenshot of What's New

Display It.

It's simple to get the changes and display them. In application:didFinishLaunchingWithOptions: add:

[MTZWhatsNew handleWhatsNew:^(NSDictionary *whatsNew) {
	MTZWhatsNewGridViewController *vc = [[MTZWhatsNewGridViewController alloc] initWithFeatures:whatsNew];
	[self.window.rootViewController presentViewController:vc animated:NO completion:nil];

Customize It.

It's easy to customize. In just a few lines, you can instead display it like this:

Screenshot of What's New

On app launch, MTZWhatsNew provides you with the changes needed to be displayed, if any. You can do whatever you'd like with this. However, included is a cusomizable view controller to display what's new. The background colors (a gradient), the style (light or dark content), and the button title are all configurable. By default, everything looks and works great on all iOS 7 devices.


This project is under the MIT license. It also uses SAMGradientView and part of MTMigration.

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