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MolVS: Molecule Validation and Standardization

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MolVS is a molecule validation and standardization tool, written in Python using the RDKit chemistry framework.

Building a collection of chemical structures from different sources can be difficult due to differing representations, drawing conventions and mistakes. MolVS can standardize chemical structures to improve data quality, help with de-duplication and identify relationships between molecules.

There are sensible defaults that make it easy to get started:

>>> from molvs import standardize_smiles
>>> standardize_smiles('[Na]OC(=O)c1ccc(C[S+2]([O-])([O-]))cc1')


To install MolVS with Anaconda Python, simply run:

conda install -c conda-forge molvs

Alternatively, try one of the other installation options.


Full documentation is available at


  • Feature ideas and bug reports are welcome on the Issue Tracker.
  • Fork the source code on GitHub, make changes and send a pull request.


MolVS is licensed under the MIT license.

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