Awesome Open Source
Awesome Open Source


A free crate registry for the Rust programming language.

It implements the alternative registries RFC and offers also various features (cf the Features section).

You can use Meuse to store your private crates, configure it to mirror

Documentation is available at


  • [x] Complete implementation of the alternative registries RFC (including search).
  • [x] mirroring.
  • [x] Multiple backends for crates files: filesystem, S3.
  • [x] Multiple ways of managing the Git crate Index: git command, JGit.
  • [x] Manage categories.
  • [x] Manage users, roles, and tokens.
  • [x] Manage crates.
  • [x] Security: HTTPS support, TLS support for the PostgreSQL client.
  • [x] Monitoring: Meuse exposes a Prometheus endpoint with various metrics (HTTP server, database pool, JVM metrics...).
  • [x] Small frontend to explore crates.


Take a look at

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