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fmatvec (Fast Matrix-Vector Library)

The purpose of this project is to provide a C++-library for high performance matrix-vector computations. The software has an object oriented design allowing the use of matrices and vectors in a comfortable way. One of the main tasks ist storing and managing of data types. For most of the computations ATLAS (Automatically Tuned Linear Algebra Software) is used providing C and Fortran77 interfaces to a portably efficient BLAS implementation, as well as a few routines from LAPACK. For a full linear algebra package the original LAPACK library is required as well.

The library supports vectors, general matrices, symmetric matrices, banded matrices as well as sparse matrices. Computations with dimensionless matrices and vectors are possible. It makes use of the template mechanism in order to provide matrices and vectors of any type like int, double, complex, etc..



  1. Install ATLAS with full LAPACK support, if necessary. For more details see Alternatively, use fmatvec without ATLAS and install the reference libraries of BLAS and LAPACK from

  2. Run aclocal, autoheader, autoconf, libtoolize und automake, if necessary:

    automake -a
  3. Run configure


    Hereby, the following options are important:

    --prefix=PFX (prefix, where the library will be installed).

    --enable-atlas (use ATLAS)

    --with-blas-lib-prefix=PFX (prefix, where the BLAS lib is installed, when ATLAS is not used)

    --with-lapack-lib-prefix=PFX (prefix, where the LAPACK lib is installed, when ATLAS is not used)

    --with-atlas-inc-prefix=PFX (prefix, where the ATLAS includes are installed, when ATLAS is used)

    --with-atlas-lib-prefix=PFX (prefix, where the ATLAS libs are installed, when ATLAS is used)

  4. Run make in order to build the shared library


  5. Run make install in order to install the library

    make install


  1. To compile a program that includes the fmatvec headers use

    pkg-config --cflags fmatvec

  2. To link a program against the fmatvec library use

    pkg-config --libs fmatvec


See the doxygen documentation. Use

make doc

to create this documentation.

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