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Google actions php library

This library is a helper for google actions with php.

Install via composer

Require the package with composer:

composer require maxbeckers/google-actions-php


Handle the request:

  • map request data to request object
  • validate request
  • handle request data
  • create response
  • send response

Map request data to request object

Map needed request headers and request body to Request.

use MaxBeckers\GoogleActions\Request\Request;
$requestBody  = file_get_contents('php://input');
$googleRequest = Request::fromGoogleRequest($requestBody);

Validate request

The RequestValidator will handle the google request validation.

use MaxBeckers\GoogleActions\Validation\RequestValidator;
$validator = new RequestValidator();

Register request handlers

For different requests it's helpful to create different RequestHandlers.

use MaxBeckers\GoogleActions\RequestHandler\RequestHandlerRegistry;
$requestHandlerRegistry = new RequestHandlerRegistry();

Use registry to handle request

use MaxBeckers\GoogleActions\RequestHandler\RequestHandlerRegistry;
$requestHandler = $requestHandlerRegistry->getSupportingHandler($googleRequest);
$response       = $requestHandler->handleRequest($googleRequest);

Render response

header('Content-Type: application/json');
echo json_encode($response);

Create a new request handler

The new request handler must extend AbstractRequestHandler. First implement the abstract supportsRequest-method.

public function supportsRequest(Request $request): bool
    return true; // check request data

Then implement the handleRequest-method. For simple responses there is a ResponseHelper.

use MaxBeckers\GoogleActions\Helper\ResponseHelper;
/** @var ResponseHelper */
private $responseHelper;
public function handleRequest(Request $request): Response
    // todo set needed response data
    return $responseHelper->respond('Success :)');

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