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One Neovim config to rule them all

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Note: My configurations are heavily inspired by Fisa Dev's nvim configs, over a year and a half, my config has came into its own. Much thanks to Fisa and all the contributors to his repo

🚀 Features

  • ✅ Uses Conquer of Completion for a language server (VScode backend)
  • ✅ latex support
  • ✅ polyglot language support
  • ✅ better C/C++ highlighting and language support
  • ✅ floating terminal support
  • ✅ internal browser search engine (Optional via sefr)
  • ✅ file browsing through Nerdtree (Optional via ranger)
  • ✅ uses airline
  • ✅ uses fancy symbols (You need to install a Nerdfont and enable in your terminal)
  • ✅ fzf (fuzzy finder search)
  • ✅ So many other features, Read the Docs for more information

Nerdy Screen Shots

Startify Ascii Art

Supported Langauges

🏗 Installation

⌨️ Install script (

usage: installer [options]

Install neovim config on supported platforms and include optional parameters

optional arguments:
  -h, --help       show this help message and exit
  -i, --install
  -u, --uninstall
  --rustup         Install the rustup toolchain, and install sefr command line search engine program for neovim
  --nvm            Install node version manager

I hope you enjoy my config, please submit a pull request or open an issue for improvements

ℹ️ More information on Conquer of Completetion extensions

  • Coc extensions coc

📜 Documentation ( To be completed later )

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