Awesome Open Source
Awesome Open Source web page redesign project repository.

Implemented features

  • main-header (smooth and intelligent showing/hiding header)
  • site-nav / side-nav (only on devices with small resolution)
  • smooth-scrolling (jQuery plugin)
  • spy-scrolling (detecting current user position to change navigation state)
  • services slider (OwlCarusel2 plugin)
  • portfolio projects sorting & filtering (showing/hiding projects by category)
  • contact-form (form validation and automatic direct message to me & client)
  • github-user-info (getting data from Github API to display user starred projects and events)
  • responsive web design (compatible with up to 320px width screen resolution)
  • all features are built in component style, easy to remove, replace or improve

Upcoming features

  • single service details preview
  • portfolio projects sorting & filtering should work with more than one category
  • smooth-scrolling feature should be replaced to more elegant way switching between sections
  • at the end remove jQuery dependency

Used technologies

Node.js NPM Bower Gulp HTML5 PUG JSON CSS3 SASS Bootstrap RWD JavaScript ES6 jQuery AJAX Git Photoshop
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