Fanling is a distributed note-taking system that is currently implemented on Linux PC and Android. It should alse be possible to build Fanling on Microsoft Windows and Apple PC platforms, and to write an iPhone port of the Android version. Status is: code uploaded, still under development
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Fanling10 is is a version of fanling using rust.


Fanling is a program/app for storing personal data.


Fanling can currently run on:

  • Linux PC
  • Android

Because of the design, Fanling should be able to be ported to MS Windows, Apple and possibly iPhone.

Most of the code is written in Rust, and uses cross-platform crates. In particular, Git (or, rather, git2) is used to synchronise data across multiple installations, and sqlite is used to search a library. This means that the same data can be synchronised across multiple installations, even though they are on different platforms.

Different kinds of items

Fanling can store different kinds of data. At present, it stores:

  • text pages with Markdown (similar to wiki pages)
  • to-do items

Fanling can be extended to add new kinds of data.

Detailed documentation

Use cargo doc --all --open to generate the existing code generation for the Rust code. (Add --document-private-items for documentation of non-public items).

Current status

Currently preparing for release on GitHub.

The initial version is still being coded and tested. There are still many TODOs and the tests only cover part of the code.

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