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Commandline Cheatsheets

Everybody likes cheatsheets. If you're like me and use lots of different tools but you can't remember all those cool shortcuts to impress your colleagues.

Sure, there are lots of PDFs out there with everything you need. But are you really gonna have an PDF reader next to your terminal to look up shortcuts? Come on, who are we kidding?

I'm trying to solve that problem by putting the cheatsheets where they belong. The terminal you're working in!

  • Cheatsheets directly in your terminal
  • Open-Format so you can customize/add/share
  • Grep-able!


Nothing but good old Python (3.x), it's not rocketscience.

I also provided a Python 2.x version. However, main branch is 3.x.


Clone this repository to ~/cheat.d. Like so:

git clone ~/.cheat.d

For usability you can set an alias:

alias cheat="python3 ~/.cheat.d/cheat/"

For Python 2:

alias cheat="python2 ~/.cheat.d/cheat/cheat.py2"

And away we go!

[email protected]$ cheat git

Cheat Screenshot

To list all available cheatsheets:

[email protected]$ cheat --list

Custom cheatsheets

You can add custom cheatsheet that will be "gitgnored" by using the prexif my-


Every Pull Request is welcome, either to extend features or to add new cheatsheets.


To run the Unittests simply run the Python Unittest Module within the repository:

python3 -m unittest -v

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