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Properly managed, easy-to-grok dotfiles for macOS and Ubuntu.

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  1. Open a terminal, do one of the folowing, and wait for the installation to complete:
    • macOS:
      xcode-select --install
    • Ubuntu:
      sudo apt install zsh
  2. Fork this repo.
  3. In your fork, edit git/.gitconfig (you can do this through GitHub's web UI) to make Git use your name and email address, not mine!
  4. Open a terminal and do the following:
    % cd ~
    % mv .config .config~   # Back up your old .config dir (if any).
    % # Clone your fork, which will make a new .config dir:
    % git clone<YOUR USER NAME>/.config.git
    % cd .config            # Go to your new .config dir.
     Add anything you want to keep from your old dotfiles.
    % make -j install       # Run the installer to deploy your new dotfiles.
    % # Finally, update your fork with your changes:
    % git add -f <file> ... # All files have to be staged explicitly.
    % git commit
    % git push
  5. Restart your terminal.

Getting Updates

To get new updates to your fork from my repo, do the following:

% cd ~/.config
% make -jr              # Pull in updates from upstream (my repo), but don't install them yet.
 Review the incoming changes and make any adjustments you like.
% make -jr install      # Run the installer to deploy your changes.
% # Finally, update your fork with your changes:
% git add -f <file>...  # Choose which files you actually want to track in Git.
% git commit
% git push


2020-2021 Marlon Richert


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details

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