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Haxe HTML/CSS Minifier

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This project does not aim to be the smallest but to provide just a way to minify HTML / CSS files.


Install using Haxelib:

haxelib install minifier

To use in code, add to your build hxml:

-lib minifier


  • public static function minifyHtml(content:String, keepComments:Bool = true) Minifies HTML. Assumes only textarea, pre, script, code tags contain meaningful spaces/newlines.

  • public static function minifyCss(content:String, keepComments:Bool = true)] Minify a (valid) CSS document.

  • public static function removeHtmlComments(content:String) Remove HTML comments from given content.

  • public static function removeCssComments(content:String) Remove CSS comments from given content.


The library also comes as command-line tool. At the moment this is only per file, with specific extension.

HTML/CSS Minifier

[-in] <path>    : File to process. required. Should have extension
[-out] <path>   : Project out folder. By default same as in-path
[--overwrite]   : Allows overwriting in output. By default no file
[--no-comments] : Removes comments. By default comments are kept


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