Some gPhoto2 scripts to help you control your DSLR from the Linux command line.
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:movie_camera: Stream piratebay movies directly from CLI
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Face Detection | Recognition | Attendance
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Scan a QR code in the terminal using the system camera or a given image
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:camera: Exports all items on an Instagram profile to JSON.
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A Python package for identifying 42 kinds of animals, training custom models, and estimating distance from camera trap videos
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ESP32-CAM webcam with MicroPython
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7 years ago1C++
6 years ago8apache-2.0CMake
A series of example applications using Intel® RealSense™ cameras built on top of the realsense_sdk toolkit
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Some gPhoto2 utilities (Linux scrips) to help you control your DSLR from the command line. Mainly thought to be used with Nikon DSLRs

What can I do?

  • Capture single photos and movies (by giving the duration in seconds)
  • Download all the photos skipping all the already-downloaded photos. Also with sync: let gPhoto2 download all photos continually while they are being captured (ideal for intervalometers).
  • Download only the latest photo
  • Move the focus point
  • Live view (VLC)
  • Intervalometer mode (shooot and m-shooot). Also in Bulb mode!
  • Manipulate aperture, ISO, shutter speed, viewfinder, automatic dark setting
  • Get battery level, focal length and image format from the camera
  • Get a summary of all the camera config
  • Look for DSLRs
  • Convert RAW images (UFRaw)

Without having to remember gPhoto2 commands!

Command line arguments to scripts?

You'll be asked interactively, so you don't have to remember them!

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