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UI components built with tailwind, powered by Fractal, Gulp 4 and Webpack.


  • Code splitting - via webpack
  • Babel 7
  • Gulp 4
  • scss / postcss
  • Remove unused css - via purges
  • Fractal pattern library
  • SVG symbols
  • Handle any static file type, compress images, css, etc
  • Integration with craftcms - via ournameismud/fractal
  • eslint
  • stylelint
  • htmlhint
  • prettier
  • jest
  • backstopjs - regression tests

Getting started

  • clone the repo
  • install the dependencies (npm install / yarn)
  • run npm run gen-cert to create https tokens
  • npm run start will boot up the fractal server
  • npm run cms will create a proxy server pointing to your domain name
  • npm run build:fractal will generate a fractal ui build you can deploy to netlify with npm run deploy
  • npm run build will create a production build to use with craftcms

Directory structure

  • src/js/app.js main entry point for webpack
  • src/scss/style.scss main scss file, includes tailwind imports
  • src/templates/** templates for fractal
  • src/docs - documentation files used by fractal
  • static - any static files that should be optimised and move to public. Any SVG prefixed with ui- will become an svg symbol
  • deploy craftcms lives here
  • deploy/library this is where the fractal build is goes
  • deploy/public the public root folder
  • tmp used in dev mode, ie npm start

Dev mode

Start fractal server

npm start

With craft

npm run cms


Create a library build

npm run build:fractal

Create a production build

npm run build

Build fractal components

npm run build:components

Create a static site from fractal pages (see docs below)

npm run build:static

Unit and regression tests

Save a snapshot of components for regression testing

npm run regression:reference

Test against the snapshots with an optimised build

npm run regression:test

Approve previous regression tests

npm run regression:approve

Run any tests with jest

npm run test

Run tests in watch mode

npm run test:watch

Get a test coverage report

npm run coverage

Deployment (netlify)

If you have netlify setup, you can deploy the fractal library with this

npm run deploy


Create https certs for browsersync

npm run gen-cert


Lint all the javascript feels

npm run lint:js

Format all the code with prettier

npm run pretty

Generate documentation

npm run generate-docs

Fractal helpers

The following commands require komp: (npm i -g komp)

Scaffold new objects/components/etc

komp new --template fractal ./components/blob

Static Builds

To create a static site from fractal, create a “pages” folder in the fractal templates directory.

As with all fractal components, each page will need a unique name.

Create a fileName.config.js file for each page

The context object should have a ‘path’ prop that defines the pages pathname. Each generated page will be renamed to index.html and placed in a folder matching the path prop.

i.e about.config.js

module.exports = {
	context: {
		path: '/about/'
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