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Plugin for check SSL Pinning on request HTTP.

Checks the equality between the known SHA-1 or SHA-256 fingerprint and the SHA-1 or SHA-256 of the target server.

Getting Started

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  • serveurUrl : String* required
  • httpMethod : HttpMethod enum [HttpMethod.Get || HttpMethod.Head] (default : HttpMethod.Get) * required
  • headerHttp : Map<String, String>
  • sha : SHA enum [SHA.SHA1 || SHA.SHA256] * required
  • allowedSHAFingerprints : List<String> v
  • timeout : int * required

Usage :

await SslPinningPlugin.check(serverURL: url, httpMethod: HttpMethod.Get, headerHttp : new Map(), sha: SHA.SHA1, allowedSHAFingerprints: new List<String>, timeout : 50);

Return :

  • On success, return String "CONNECTION_SECURE"
  • On error, return String "CONNECTION_INSECURE"

If an exception, return the stacktrace on String value.

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