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2 days ago30June 28, 202249apache-2.0Go
A Cloud Native traffic orchestration system
Dubbo Go4,3873218 hours ago151June 05, 202283apache-2.0Go
Go Implementation For Apache Dubbo .
Redbird4,21875552 years ago67December 17, 2019123bsd-2-clauseJavaScript
A modern reverse proxy for node
a year ago13December 05, 201814apache-2.0Go
HTTP API Gateway
Skipper2,8472317 hours ago1,004September 23, 2022223otherGo
An HTTP router and reverse proxy for service composition, including use cases like Kubernetes Ingress
Ego823317 days ago164June 22, 20221mitGo
A simple and component-based microservice kit for go. 一个简单的基于组件的 Go 微服务套件。
3 days ago35March 09, 20221apache-2.0Go
💧Waterdrop is a high performance micro service framework. Waterdrop comes from (The Three Body Problem).
6 months ago6September 26, 202211apache-2.0PHP
💎 Grpc client based on Swoole Coroutine
Lua Resty Etcd170
3 months ago15apache-2.0Perl
Nonblocking Lua etcd driver library for OpenResty
Dubbo Spring Boot Best Practice68
5 years ago2Java
Dubbo Spring Boot 最佳实践整合 Demo
Alternatives To Etcd Client
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Akka HTTP based etcd client

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This module provides a fully asynchronous client for etcd 2.x based on Akka Streams / HTTP.

Getting started

In your build.sbt add the following:

libraryDependencies += "me.maciejb.etcd-client" %% "etcd-client" % "0.1.1"

etcd-client is available for Scala 2.11 and Akka 2.4.


import me.maciejb.etcd.client._

/* ActorSystem, ExecutionContext and Materializer have to available implicitly in scope */

val client = EtcdClient(host, port)

val responseFut: Future[EtcdResponse] = client.get("/some/key")
/* ... */

See EtcdClient.scala source code to get started.

Running tests

The integration tests require an instance of etcd running. Please use Docker Compose to start it:

docker-compose up


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