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machinelearn.js is a Machine Learning library written in Typescript. It solves Machine Learning problems and teaches users how Machine Learning algorithms work.

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User Installation

Using yarn

$ yarn add machinelearn

Using NPM

$ npm install --save machinelearn

On the browsers

We use jsdeliver to distribute browser version of machinelearn.js

<script src=""></script>
    const { RandomForestClassifier } = ml.ensemble;
    const cls = new RandomForestClassifier();

Please see for more details.


By default, machinelearning.js will use pure Javascript version of tfjs. To enable acceleration through C++ binding or GPU, you must import machinelearn-node for C++ or machinelearn-gpu for GPU.

  1. C++
  • installation
yarn add machinelearn-node
  • activation
import 'machinelearn-node';
  1. GPU
  • installation
yarn add machinelearn-gpu
  • activation
import 'machinelearn-gpu';


  • Machine Learning on the browser and Node.js
  • Learning APIs for users
  • Low entry barrier


We welcome new contributors of all level of experience. The development guide will be added to assist new contributors to easily join the project.

  • You want to participate in a Machine Learning project, which will boost your Machine Learning skills and knowledge
  • Looking to be part of a growing community
  • You want to learn Machine Learning
  • You like Typescript ❤️ Machine Learning


machinelearn.js provides a simple and consistent set of APIs to interact with the models and algorithms. For example, all models have follow APIs:

  • fit for training
  • predict for inferencing
  • toJSON for saving the model's state
  • fromJSON for loading the model from the checkpoint


Testing ensures you that you are currently using the most stable version of machinelearn.js

$ npm run test


Simply give us a 🌟 by clicking on


We simply follow "fork-and-pull" workflow of Github. Please read for more detail.

Further notice

Great references that helped building this project!


Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key):

Jason Shin

📝 🐛 💻 📖 ⚠️


💬 🤔 📢

Oleg Stotsky

🐛 💻 📖 ⚠️


💬 ğŸŽ¨ 📢 🐛 💻

Christoph Reinbothe

💻 🤔 🚇 👀

Adam King

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